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MacGuyver Calves


Hey guys,
I'm still living in Korea and have a new gym. The problem is, like every other gym here, they have nothing to directly work on calves. Although I have been doing some make-shift calf work, like standing one-legged raises with d-bells, using the leg press for calf ext., etc., I'm getting bored and looking for some new exercises. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


you can do some work in the squat rack. load it up a peg or two lower and lean into the bar so you have to dorsiflex the feet. push the bar right up the rack.

i also like explosive pistol squats. just jump as high as you can out of the pistol. land it on the same leg.


Unless your calves are directly lagging, better to spend that time on something more constructive.

If you do lunges, squats, stiff leggs and leg press, all will work your calves to some degree, but will have a much greater effect on the rest of your body.

But if you must, you can do calf extensions pretty easily on the leg press.


you are gonna need a pack of gum, a pair of tweezers, a roll of tinfoil, 3 sets of chopsticks, 7 rubber bands, and two 75 lb dumbbells.....


one of the simplest would be standing calf raises with your toes on a block of wood or some plates, hold a dumbell in each hand and do the raises. Get a bit or a work out for your forearms as well!


Ha, don't forget the duct tape and swiss army knife Ren.

I already use the leg press and standing on a block with a d-bell. Just looking for a little more variety. Thanks for the suggestions folks


Go HEAVY in the squat rack on a block. Pause in the bottom stretched for a LONG wait up to 7 seconds I think CT or CW said to release the powerfull stretch reflex of the calves and then perform the positive.

Also plates on your knee for seated work.

Find a partner and do Donkey Calve raises etc.


my initial response is calves-- you know what Dave Tate thinks about working Calves;)

anyway... I admire ghetto workouts

weights on a dip belt donkey calf raises... heck need more resistance have someone jump on your back

seated stack some plates/dumbells on your thighs and do seated calf raises on a block of wood...

squat really humongous weights...

walk up an incline while weighing 60 extra pounds... weight vest back pack whatever

hook your feet under something where you can only fit your plantar flexed feet to the midfoot position. Do a poor man's glut ham gastroc raise... you can rely on the calves heavily as a knee flexor in this way... glutes and hams will obviously get a lot of work to...


Do heavy ass farmer's walks, but come up onto your toes with each step. If this is too easy, load more weight and do a yoke carry walk.


some great ideas here guys, thanks


There you go. And follow that up with some jump rope. GPP and calf work all at once.


You can put your knees under the pad on the leg curl machine and your feet on a plate or two on the floor to do a kind of seated calf raise without having to load a bunch of plates on your legs. Just be careful you don't knock the machine over....be careful trust me, they aren't very stable without somebody lying on them as you would for a leg curl!


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what about those calf working shoes? i have never tried them, but my basketballer budies swear by them, you might end up with a higher vertical jump, and thats all, but i don't know. just a thought


Hahahaha... that's exactly what I was referencing