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Maced Myself


Ok so b/c we work security in extremely crowded/enclosed enviornment, a few of us carry gel mace. pretty nasty shit. imagine the consistancy of hair or shaving gel.

so i deployed some mace, and apparently ended up getting some on my fingertips. washed my hands with soap and water but must not of been good enough.

when i got home, i picked my nose.

OH MY HOLY FUCK. FUCK SHIT BITCH FUCK it hurts like you have no idea. FML like 10000x over. as i type this, my left eye is constantly tearing. i really don't even know what to do about it.

thank god i didn't scratch my balls.


I actually sprayed some of that shit directly into my eye once.

And yes, it hurts like nobody's business. Takes a long-ass time to go away too.


I got hit with some aerosol mace before. Made my eyes itch and nose bleed, but didn't burn or obstruct my vision much. But damn if everything didn't taste funny as all hell for a fuckin' week.

It wasn't sprayed at me though. I walked through a cloud my friend had sprayed in front of a door RIGHT before I came through.

Also, had some foam mace [is it actually mace, or another self defense product when it's foamy like shaving cream that's been outta the can for a while?] get on my face and in my ear one time. That shit burned like many fires of hate.


after handling a leaky mace can I did go in later that day to take a piss.

that was the worst day of my life.

I didnt think I needed to wash up after bagging it I didnt have anything visible on my hands or anything but I learned that the hard way really nothing you can do about it but keep flushing with cold water.

go shower in cool water with no soap unless you want it wosre flushing your face and hands for 15 mins at a time until it stops being uncomfortable.


HolyMacaroni , qucik, snort some coke, fast!


Some guys I knew would use milk to help rinse and sooth when we would get CS sprayed.


Epic shit right there mate :smiley:

Keep em hilarious thread topics comin! And good luck with your latest affliction!


I was sprayed with some by a pissed off, psycho girlfriend once. I saw what was happening in just enough time to turn sideways and got a shot to my left shoulder and side of my face. She then sprayed it all over the sheets on my bed. She's some other guy's problem now.


haha. #1 reason I'm not a big fan of mace. Glad it wasn't worse for you.


wow good thing you didn't decide to jerk off.


Just be reading the title, I knew this was going to be you.
However, I expected something more like "today I maced myself just to see how it felt."


When I was probably 10 years old I found my mothers pepper spray, and emptied the entire thing in my face before it started burning. Four hours later and in the hospital it stopped burning. Yeah, shit sucked.


Really?...all you need is a good breeze of fresh air and cold water for CS gas. I used to eat that shit up..lol. OC pepper spray is a different animal...that shit stays in your pores for days. It was funny hearing the stories of guys taking showers and experiencing "fire of the loins." That shit travels because its oil based.


Yeah, believe me, rubbing one out was the last thing on my mind!


i was thinking about turning on some marilyn manson and using my tears as lubicant while i sat in the corner and suffered.

but yeah, agreed on the CS. while that's some nasty stuff, once you get away from it you're good in a few min. OC shit is horrible, horrible stuff.


Baby shampoo. Wash it off. Stay under the water for a few minutes. When you get out of the water, find a fan as quick as you can. If you keep the skin wet, it cools the pain, but it keeps the spray activated. You have to suffer a few minutes to let it dry. The fan cools and drys the skin, and helps it to quit hurting. For the spray in your eyes, you have to blink them as much as you can, and try to move your eyes side to side. This will help your eyes to tear, and will flush the spray out.

CS gas is just fresh air.


CS gas is not that bad, physically. Its the mental aspect of it. You feel like you are suffocating. Your lungs expand, and contract, but you don't feel like your getting oxygen, thats what fucked me up anyways.


OC spray is what I meant. lol

I too laughed at guys that would take showers, still burning a couple days later... until it was me.


Truth. We had to get hit with MK-30 in my academy. Terrible. I didn't shower for two days trying not to reactivate it. No such luck there. I remember going into my garage on the third day after to hit the heavy bag for a few minutes and a little bead of sweat made it's way into the corner of my eye, yahooo!!!


I got Icy Hot in my eye once, OMG that hurt like hell for a few secs.