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Macaijah - Meat Argument

How could your roommate argue with this little guy?

Heh, pretty silly picture. I’ll make sure to print it out and hang it on my door as well as the: refrigerator, cupboards, stove, oven, and plaster it as wallpaper in all the rooms.

I just want the puppy…

on rye with a little mayo.

I hear dog is kinda gamey and a bit tough. Puppy probably wouldn’t be too bad though, and the coat is much softer if you want to use it for something. A puppy gyro wouldn’t be half bad though and you would have the whole bad pun thing going on and all. On a side note, I’ve heard that cat is pretty terribled but horse isn’t half bad.

Horse is so much like beef you wouldn’t know the difference. Dog isn’t that bad but it’s not my top choice. Monkey is better, at least the monkey we had.

Sometimes when you travel and eat places besides McDonalds (if there even are any) you do get to stretch your food horizons.

Dog is pretty good, but you have to eat young ones. Black dogs for preference. Cat has to be old, bit I don’t think there’s a color preference. Enjoy!!

Is monkey spicy, as human flesh is reputed to be?

Sweet pic. Reminds me of a PETA one where a lady was wearing a coat made of still-bloody baby seal fur with a caption asking if you’d wear it if you knew what it took to get make it. My answer - OH HELL YEAH! Just wash that puppy off and hand 'er over!