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Macadamia Nut Oil: Better Than Olive?

If I want to “cut through the hype”, I take it to the Forum!

Well…it seems like the “buzz” is that Macadamia Nut Oil may be a “better” choice than Olive Oil for our cooking and salads! It has a higher percentage of monosaturates AND a higher smoke point than Olive! Of course there is a slightly different taste AND it’s going against centuries of tradition, but what do you guys think?

Ko and other chefs…would it be pure “heresy” to even consider it as a “replacement” for Olive Oil?

Hey…we try to keep each other up on the latest info…and this surely qualifies!

Your thoughts?

Interested in this as well…not to crazy about olive oil, so an alternative would be nice.

I haven’t used macadamia nut oil in the kitchen yet. I’d say until you know how it reacts with foods being sauteed in it or the other ingredients you incorporate into it to form a dressing then it’s to early to say its all that and a better alternative than olive oil. It’s especially important to see and taste the flavor if any it imparts on the cooked product, that will be one of the the biggest factors more so than smoke point. There are ways around smoke point, but on the sautee line the low smoke point of olive oil becomes very apparent when searing a steak or any meat at high heats as it breaks down very quickly. As much as like olive oil, i tend to reserve it for pomodoro, bolognese and other red sauces, while using other oils for searing and emmulsions.

For one, its expensiveat 19$ for 12 oz, so its not really a good choice. Secondlyy It will add the nutty flavor which may or may not be wanted. Heres the breakdown breakdown:

Botanical Name- Macadamia integrifolia

Origin- Kenya

Extraction- Expeller Pressed

Shelf life- 1 Year

Smoke point-389 F

Notes- A sensitive oil that will degrade to light exposure.


Color- light golden brown

Odor- slight nutty odor

Free Fatty Acids- 0.05%

Peroxide Value- Less then 0.5


Saponification Value- 190-200

Iodine Value- 0-80

Specific Gravity-

Fatty Acids

Oleic- 57%

Palmitoleic- 22%

Linoleic- 1.5%

Linolenic- 1% It's not really worth the expense in my opinion.

As always…thanks, Bro!

The sensitivity to light is ALWAYS a hairy issue…

So…stick with the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil…and maybe just add the Macadamia Nuts themselves too your diet? (They do seem pretty healthy and Omega Rich)…