As a tribulus non-responder, I was intrigued when you stated that Maca could be used to potentiate the effect of tribulus.

Could you describe the dosing protocols for your Maca-Tribulus stack and the prefered delivery method (powder, solution etc.)? Also please elaborate on your version of the Eurycoma-Tribulus stack.

Maca works by decreasing the amount of testosterone which binds to the SHBG. So that leaves more testosterone available to perform the function we like (muscle growth, increased sex drive).

Red Kat does pretty much the same thing, so using all three products would yield the biggest effect: tribulus increasing testosterone production, maca and Red Kat allowing more of that testosterone to perfrom its protein synthesis related function.

Thanks for the quick response. When supplements have synergistic effects, they can sometimes be ingested in lesser quantities than when used individually.

Could you post your recommended dosages for the Maca-Tribulus stack?

CT, I noticed that you’ve mentioned your really like tribex and hot-rox. Just curious if you bother to cycle on and off?