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Maca and it's Active Ingredient?


Tried maca before... tasted like horseshit... really, really that bad.
So i wanna try it's supposed active constituent which is methoxybenzyl isothiocyanate.

Does anyone have experience with maca? If so what were the results? How much did you use?


Guessing that what you are asking about is Maca Root Powder. I had heard of it in the past and forgot about it until Dr Oz brought it up recently. He talked about it for females who were sexually slowing down due to age, saying it may be months before there were any results. On a Sunday after church lady friend pulled in to our local health food store and purchased a bottle. We added it into our once a day shakes. The first thing that happened is lady friend mentioned feeling warmer, such as better capillary circulation. And yes it is working for her desired purpose. And yes, I am warmer also.