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Mac Versus PC


I had this argument with other people forever it seems. My schools computers are nothing but Macs and Ive gotten use to it and I actually think programs such as Illustrator and Dreamweaver seem more natural than on a PC and im even thinking about getting one...until I remember the price. The markup is ridiculous and im thinking about just trying to install the OSX on a PC. My question is,what do you own and why did you make your decision and based on what?


I've had both. Both were gifts. I wound up giving up the macbook pro to my brother in law when I went on the mission, was given a relatively inexpensive samsung pc. I like some of the features of the mac better, but really I don't think that if the decision was given to me, and the money, I would choose the macbook again.


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software, yes. but mostly because of the hardware.

quality machines rather than machines you think of as hunks of junk couple years down the track.

you aren't allowed (by law) to install OSX on a non mac computer.

for software... a linux distribution.

virtues of mac (no viruses) avoids the vices (price).

i dunno, though... running mac software on my mac. will think about linux next time, though.

i like the idea of freeware...

and the community of people who support such endeavors.

LaTeX for the win.


Everytime an abortion of an OS like Vista comes out, I'm guaranteed several more years of employment. PC all the way!


Their hardware is pretty good. Not top spec components (other than their touch panels) but rather sturdy and reliable.

The virus point is very quickly becoming invalid as right now mac viruses are popping up. Remember that Macs didn't have viruses for the longest time only because of the percentage of ownership that they had. PCs had so many sales that the hackers took the low hanging fruit. Why put all that work into a virus that only effects 5% of computers. Since the big mac boom viruses are becoming more and more common with them.

Way over priced if you re trying to get into gaming laptop specs.

I used to be an avid apple hater but finally broke down and bought one recently. My 3 year old dell was reliable but a little slow (came out before the big i5/i7 processors) so I bought a new Dell. They put it together wrong which sent too much charge through my hard drives, crashing 2 of them in a 2 week span. So I had had enough and bought the mac.

Good little laptop, should last for a while. Handles the tiny tasks that I ask of it.




Mac's are great, they are all I work on, price is way more reasonable than 10 years ago. But still, I'm pretty sure you can get everything you need on a PC. And if you get a Mac with something fucked, it's always fucked no matter how many time Apple "fixes" it.
I have a old titanium laptop (circa 2001) and G4 Quad duel processor (before Intel), and an old blueberry IMac sitting in a closet here. String them together and you have a real fucking expensive boat anchor.


If you'd like just put the MAC OSX on a PC. My friend has done it and has double boot set up. So if he needs windows he boots that up, same going for his MacOSX.

I myself have a macbook pro, and I have it dual booted, so I can jump on Windows for school stuff/games. No problems.

If you are interested in that just do your research. There are plenty of forums with turtorials/guides for it.


I'd just like to point out that while dual booting Windows on a Mac machine is legal (so far as you have a legal copy of Windows) it is illegal to run Mac operating systems on non mac computers - even though of course it can be done.

if you get a Mac with something fucked, it's always fucked no matter how many time Apple "fixes" it.

actually, yes, i've heard that, too.

and i agree that things get seriously expensive if you are looking for gaming specs.

as for the viruses... mac is unix base (like linux) which IS more secure than whatever it is that PC's are based on. while part of the whole no virus thing might be due to market share part of it is due to the system actually being more secure. i always hear 'mac viruses are more prevalent these days' but I've NEVER known anybody to get one (does depend a little on what you mean by 'virus' - you voluntarily downloading malignant software is your own damned fault). mac virus checkers are a waste of money.



Macbook Pro.


I don't play video games on my computer, just basic tasks and OS X is much more stable than Vista. The genius bar at Apple Stores are pretty cool too, they'll basically fix any software related problem for free whether it's in or out of warranty.

If you really like to heavily customize your computer hardware and software wise I wouldn't go mac. But if you're an average user I would.


*just perform basic tasks


I've owned a mac since 2004, never had an antivirus software and basically have always been fine.


One of the RAM slots in my 2004 machine died in 2008. But I still ended up selling a 4 year old machine for $600. They also retain a lot more resale value than PC's


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More stable than Vista? You do realize there has been a Windows 7 for the past 3 years, right? It's definitely one of the better operating systems I've used.


I used Mac's at work and personally can't stand OS X, I can't warm to the interface.

MBP's were about the best laptops hardware wise, but you can find better now. We picked up a couple mid-range 2010 MBP's at work and I was hugely disappointed at how they performed for the money.


I like my MacBook. Never crashed on me, never any software issues, and generally a good piece of kit.

My iPhone though, that's another story.....