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“Mac” On Getting Jacked For “Sunny”

I friggin’ love this show -lol



Okay so what you do is… you have a personal chef right?

I actually think (though I could be wrong) that he used gear later on during the show… as an actor, I see no reason why said individual wouldn’t use… access to ‘special clinics’, state of the art healthcare, monitoring etc… Especially when enveloped in the sea of narcissistic characters that is Hollywood… a show that interestingly and accurately represents the more toxic aspects of the Hollywood lifestyle as well as the underrepresented facet of mental illness within the general populace would be Bojack Horseman… I don’t think Kumail made his transfmoration naturally either… going from skinnyfat/no muscle mass at all to looking fucking diced in the timeframe of which he did is mightily suspicious… his shoulders glare out compared to all other body parts and… they’re getting a fat pay check for doing so.

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Yeah, but to be fair, you don’t think that anything is possible without steroids. It’s all you’ve ever done or known.


DId you watch the video? Personal chef, 2-a-days, perfect nutrition, no alcohol, virtually no time for family and friends, and that’s your job from when you wake up til when you to go sleep. That’s easily equivalent to some random guy working a bunch, barely sleeping, eating so-so and taking gear. Nothing about him suggested gear if you take that into account.

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Didn’t he also mention getting test checked a couple times in the vid? I felt like he was implying a little secret sauce in the works

If he was using though I’d guess it was low dose as his size isn’t that big but he is pretty shreddy spaghetti


Alright dude, follow his advice… come back and tell me if you look the same way he did at his peak (he wasn’t anywhere near his peak in that vid)… not hard to get on trt and get a bit of anavar if you’re a celebrity

To be fair… the rock also said he wasn’t on gear, does all this stuff. He didn’t look juicy in that video I’ll give you that… but in the show, he gets beyond diced whilst retaining significant size

He pulls this in well under a year… goes from somewhat average to “wow, pretty good”

I could be wrong… but when offered that big a pay check I see no incentive coupled with ease of legitimate access as to why he wouldn’t

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This may have gone way over your head, but Mac’s ‘advice’ was “the reason why people are so flabbergasted about how I look is because it’s completely unrealistic for any normal person to have a personal chef, no job, 2x a day workouts, perfect nutrition with zero recreational time for months at a time just to achieve a certain look, all while getting paid a fuckload of money”. So @skyzyks can’t follow his advice, nor can you, nor can I.

That clip…was that meant to compare him to the Rock? Mac would look like a child next to the rock.

Honestly, the biggest point here is that it was completely pointless to even mention gear here. He has the resources to achieve a very impressive look without taking anything, but it still requires all his time and most of his sanity.


How bout I just follow my own. Not exactly ripped but I was bulking at the time. And natural.


But I have been pretty ripped before.

Now give us a reason anybody should listen to you or shut the fuck up.

Not at all, I’m merely stipulating just about all actors pull the same advice… Zac Efron stated he ate zero grams of carbohydrates for the upcoming months towards Baywatch… yet he magically gained about 5-10lbs of LEAN mass over that time whilst getting down to abuot 5% BF (note, he also claimed the rigorous diet, workouts etc)… and I’m inclined to believe him… but one needs too realise based on the simplistic notion of human biology that the body can only take so much… and still gain lean muscle mass… It isn’t pointless to mention gear when he could’ve easily done that in 4-6 weeks, tell the populace he went through A,B,C,D,E,F because everyone likes the notion of rolling up you’re sleeves and putting in the work

Do I think his physique was attainable natty… Hell yes… after a solid year to year and a half of SOLID and dedicated training. I give his chances of doing it normally to be equatable to that of Micheal B Jordan doing is naturally in Creed 2… and Creed… and Black Panther

we can agree to disagree

Not exactly true, I trained for a couple years as a teen naturally, with a fairly rigorous diet and regiment in place…

With 2 a days, the body can become overtrained easily, esp from heavy compound lifts + heavy cardio whilst eating (presumably a deficit)… then he looks to gain about 7-10lbs of lean mass (off his old, somewhat average look) whilst cutting a ton of fat… That’s not how human biology works

Actually not really… data shows that guys who take gear and don’t even exercise still gain more than those who train with OPTIMAL diet and training regimes… it’s unfair, and we are talking about really high dosages here (600mg weekly), but that’s just the way it is

Jesus Christ dude, no need to get triggered over nothing lol, I’m merely stating the fact is… the general populace likes to believe what isn’t true

You don’t look bad at all dude, but chances are… too look like this guy, it’s gonna take 1-1.5 years, not 3-6 months or less


Again, you’ve completely missed the point about how unrealistic his training regimen is for anybody BUT him or a celebrity to do. If someone trying really hard could do it in 1 year on the low end (your words), someone professionally paid and dedicating their entire life for 6 months on the high end (your words) could do it.


It’s not triggered to ask you to substantiate your opinion with proof.

You may not realize this, but you are exactly the person/people he made this video to lampoon.

Now go do something. Anything. Print out all of the research you post and carry that around for a while. You’ll be freakin huge in no time!

But you told me to shut the fuck up? Perhaps I misinterpreted the post but I imagined some super tall Drill Sargent yelling at me

As funny as that may sound… I used to actually carry around studies with me when going to the doctors… so I could disprove endocrinologists when they told me “you know, there’s no real evidence proving GH improves height in those with idiopathic short stature”… lol

I think I count as living proof

I’m not sure I agree with him “retaining significant size.” He looks good because of how lean he is but very small delts and traps makes me think he isn’t carrying much muscle


You’re almost there!

There we go.

This is exactly the type of patient the competent doctors that people are banging on their doors to see…refuse to see. FYI!!!

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So you’re telling me the guy on the internet is guessing how much size these actors lost/gained by their on screen appearance? Couldn’t be that!


Not to pile on young man, but since you ventured outside the pharma twilight zone…

You are the person who paid money to an internet charlatan like that Physiolojik(?) character, yet you stalk the forums denigrating real doctors? I think you need to rethink your overall approach to…whatever. Just my .02, not a doctor, but not asking you for money either.


I’m not almost there, I’ll never shut up… it’s in my nature due to being generally unable to adequately read a room :slight_smile:

Mate I don’t insult the notion of legitimate medical profession, you’re thinking of systemlord. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the sheer amount of work medical professionals put in

My “carrying around studies” days came from when I was sick, a doctor would say something like “but you shouldn’t have this condition because you’re young”… or when my trt practitioner put me on 250mg e3w… a protocol that very obviously doesn’t work well… I had my reasons, and it actually worked out in my favour

I paid him because I saw him as a role model… something that I don’t have in real life… I’d say I was groomed, manipulated… one can call me stupid but I was 17… (in before someone makes the snarky response that I’m still stupid now)

And I do venture outside the pharma section with regularity… I’ve posted within the off topic sections, the politics section etc

I don’t have a reason, I merely had my own opinion… I’m entitled to express that just as you’re entitled to tell me to fuck off… I don’t see why an actor would go through that when he could just hop on for a few weeks, legally with monitering and a lack of repercussion, that’s just my opinion. We live in a lazy society that tends to take things for granted, hence I don’t see why a Hollywood actor amid a sea of vanity and narcissistic characters would behave differently to his peers.

Furthermore his transformation (these transformations in general) generally defy simplistic human biology. The incentive to use gear for these people is there, and more justified than 99% of people who decide to partake (granted I don’t believe in justifiable reasoning… I believe in making adequately informed decisions)

Data indicates for those who use GH ato treat idiopathic short stature, doses above natural physiology must be used, in which case a positive outcome is typical (though not certain)… problem is the field of pediatric endocrinology is (understandably, you’re dealing with the fragile endocrine system of a child) extremely conservative… but apparently putting me on 7mg arimidex weekly was the right answer, and it fucked me up well and proper…

I don’t discredit doctors, but I do believe unless qualified (within the realm of Andropov you), one shouldn’t have the ability to dispense TRT/AAS to a patient, there are too many anecdotal case reports of “200mg every 6 weeks” or “I’ll give you a few shots of test to kickstart you’re natty production back up”…

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