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Mac and Cheese


What's with you americans and your mac&cheese? Really? What's so great about it?
Granted, I never ate something like that, but to me it sounds like eating a bolognese without the good stuff (meat and tomato). And it's not even spaghetti, it's macaroni! Why?? Why macaroni? Why not spaghetti, or farfalle, or penne, or any other? And why just with cheese? Where's the meat? Or the fish? Or the eggs? Or the vegetables? Anything!!!


I think that Mac & Cheese is most popular with children (not to say others don't enjoy it as well). Many children tend to have simpler tastes, and gravitate towards food that is more "plain". When I was a child, I didn't really enjoy the taste of tomatoes or tomato sauce. Cheese was fine, though.

This question is pretty lame and your attitude is abrasive ("What's with you americans"). Did you really expect to get a satisfying response?


Shit is so cash


What a retarded question!

There are recipes that use penne.

Furthermore it's retarded because it can apply to hundreds of items.

Eg: How come chili doesn't have fish in it?

Eg: How come potato salad doesn't have fish, beef, beans, or corn in it?

Eg: How come eggs aren't a pizza topping?

And it's usually a side dish, genius - meaning it can be on a plate with a steak, veggies, or whatever else someone wants, in the same way backed potatoes and rice and pasta are side dishes.


Oh yeah - forgot to tell you: Cool post!


It's Canada's National dish


It's a side dish you knucklehead and it tastes delicious.

I love the fact that you never ate it, yet you're questioning those that like it. Brilliant.

Let me blow your mind once again. We also like grilled cheese sandwiches. Cheese melted in bread. Oh the humanity....


Actually, I posted this in GAL, and then it got moved here....
Not really a nutrition kind of post, it was more of a stupid discussion kind of post.
Oh well, can't win them all.


mac&cheese with ketchup. YUM!


I love putting a pound of ground beef in my KD...unforgivable, but so satisfying.


I won't lie, those Kraft boxes can turn out great. (I don't mind tossing in a bag of frozen broccoli at the very end)

But it's not really mac&cheese unless its a southern recipe and its homemade.

(so having foreigners like the OP wonder about the hype is maybe like us wondering about something like blood pudding. except that we don't)


Because it tastes fucking outstanding.


mac n cheese is awesome. it's as awesome as grilled cheese sammich. and fuck ketchup, who puts ketchup on mac n cheese? EW!!! (looks at DoubleDuce)


hotdogs go well in mac and cheese


o rly?


That Kraft Mac&Cheese with that fake cheese powder = AWESOME! Love that shit. It's crap, but it's tasty.

My wife makes an incredible mac&cheese with a bechamel sauce and it's very high quality and delicious. So there are many forms of mac&cheese - from ghetto to fabulous...lol...


1 box of mac and cheese = perfect after leg day
also bechamel is easy to make, you can even use whole wheat flour, milk, and olive oil if you want it "healthy"


Don't knock it till you've tried it.


I went to this famous Mac n Cheesefood truck up on LA and it was awesome! Got a Mac n Cheese pulled pork sandwich with grilled onions on it! Dirty Bulk FTW!!!!!!


Mac and cheese with asiago and white cheddar cheese with white truffle flakes.

Come at me Portuguese clown.