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MA. or RI. gyms open christmas day ?

Anyone know of any gyms in MA. or RI. that are open christmas day. My Holiday stuff is now officially over, there has to be something out there open.

Jeez, take a rest day/cheat day go to the theater if you want to kill time I am sure all the movie theater are open. You, know your are sellfish. Your holiday hustle and bustle may be over but, what about the people that do work in gyms? Their hustle and bustle might not be over. What if they are just starting their Christmas dinner now? Give me a break its CHRISTMAS for crying out loud.

I think all that needs a gym open on Christmas Day needs some serious HELP!!

good call fitone.

Day late and a dollar short but if you want to work out NEXT Christmas, Gold’s Gym in Norton, MA is open. There were quite a few people there, too.

Oh, and fitone:

Just so you don’t feel bad for the “people working at the gym”, the owner is Jewish and he is the one who worked yesterday.