Ma Huang

I posted this question a few days ago, although it was buried in another thread.

With the 04/16 ban on ephedrine coming up, I’m not only stockpiling but also looking for alternate avenues. Does anyone know if the new regulations also ban the sale of Ma Huang (basically ephedrine in herbal form)? It’s been available from, for example, Chinese herbal doctors for decades…wonder if you can still score it in that form come 04/16.

I read that ephedrine HCL, the OTC asthma med, will still be for sale because it isn’t marketed as “weight loss” supplement

From the FDA’s website. However, I am wondering if Ephedrine HCL (FDA Approved drug) i.e. mini-thins will be removed from market.

Sales of Supplements Containing Ephedrine Alkaloids (Ephedra) Prohibited
On Feb. 6, 2004, FDA published a final rule prohibiting the sale of dietary supplements containing ephedrine alkaloids (ephedra). The rule will be effective 60 days from publication.

Ephedra, also called Ma huang, is a naturally occurring substance derived from plants. Its principal active ingredient is ephedrine, which when chemically synthesized is regulated as a drug. In recent years ephedra products have been extensively promoted to aid weight loss, enhance sports performance, and increase energy.

But FDA has determined that ephedra presents an unreasonable risk of illness or injury. It has been linked to significant adverse health effects, including heart attack and stroke.

I will continue the selling of My Wang. Don’t worry.

Ephedrine wont be touched from what i understand. Its still readily available at gas stations.

The ephedrine that I see in gas stations is all marked down to half price now… that seems obvious enough.