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M28, 5'10, 119lbs (54KG) to 158lbs (72kg)

Any feedback really would be greatly appreciated honestly. Despite having developed strong legs, I have unfortunately seen unequal development. On my next bulk, I’m thinking of heavy emphasis on quads & lats?

Context and timeline:

I first started working out in late July 2019. I worked out for 8 months straight. From July 2019 to February 2020. I peaked to 72kg. Then Covid hit and gyms where I live have closed for six months. I had no equipment at home and I relapsed into depression. From 72kg (158lbs) I lost weight back to 58KG (127lbs) > Imgur: The magic of the Internet And ever since September 2020, when my gym-reopened, I have resumed and, thanks to muscle memory, I got back where I was and then some. Which in total, makes it 16 months of training with a six-month break.

I’ve been skinny pretty much my whole life. Sometimes I bordered anorexia. Never really thought about hitting the gym because I wasn’t well versed into fitness. I just had to swallow up the rude and distasteful comments and bullying. My reason why I started lifting weights is probably the most boring or common that could exist. My ex girlfriend dumped my ass. Broken hearted, falling into deep depression, I lost weight to a degree that never frightened me that much. I was walking one day and went by an old, rugged gym. Iron everywhere kind of gym. I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing but I just entered and bought a subscription. And that was it, my beginning in working out.

Current Stats: 1RMs

Bench Press: 110KG (242LBS) Paused/ 117KG.5 (259lbs) touch & go.

Deadlift: 200KG. (440LBS)

Squat: 160KG (352LBS)

OHP: 70KG (154 LBS)


I am not entirely sure if what I did qualifies as dirty bulking, but it was, at the very least, an aggressive bulking. I didn’t count my calories. I didn’t count my macros either for the sole exception being protein. That I did count and track. I made sure to had more than enough protein throughout my day. As for gaining weight, I followed the scale. I weighed myself every single morning. I made up a diet plan that I followed every day for 16 months. Same food, same meals, same everything. If I woke up and saw I gained weight, I kept everything as is. If I woke up someday and saw that I hit a plateau, all I did was simply increase my portions of my same meals. It is simple as hell but it works. I didn’t complicate my life by tracking everything to the tea.

Supplements: none.

What I ate:

Chicken breast, oats, whole milk, peanut butter, unsalted peanuts, rice and pasta, a lot of fruits, eggs, olive oil, cucumber and salad, dark chocolate. (only greens I find to be tasteful and do not require cooking at all. Just wash and eat.) And junk food whenever I worked or couldn’t meet the day’s intake.


My first six months of training were, objectively speaking, garbage. I didn’t know a clue and simply did what every else did at the gym. My form was atrocious and my knowledge very little. I followed a bro split. One muscle group a day. It certainly did give me results but nothing like when I switched a proper PPL routine. That’s when I think my bod really started to blow up, aesthetic and strength wise. After two months of doing PPL, Covid hit. I’ve lost pretty much everything after a six month hiatus.

When I came back, I resumed straight with a PPL routine, six days a week. Hit everything twice. One day wash hypertrophy based and the other strength focused (5x5) style. I cranked up the volume. I went ham but I survived. Muscle memory hit me like a truck and I was up to date with my old stats less than two months after resuming, but I got bored and I started plateauing with 5x5. I started reading more about programming and I crossed 531. I did my research on it and decided to make the switch. What can I say, the benefits it brought me make me simply speechless. Especially in terms of strength. My first template was BBB but all my follow ups were templates that had a strength focus. I simply stopped obsessing about my looks and developed self-contentment and was more than happy with my body, so I simply started enjoying strength training.


Great work, well done :clap:


Awesome progress. Killing it. I would agree with the lats. Dead hang pull-ups will blow them up quick. A big back will transform your whole body, even from the front.

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Fantastic transformation!

I always find the skinny guys tend to look the most aesthetic when they manage to bulk up. Perhaps it relates to small joints, or a nice shoulder/hip ratio?

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A strong back also makes up for a lot in the big lifts. I think it has helped my deadlift a lot.

Thank you so much really appreciate it. Definitely will focus on pullups on my next bulk, have done them on & off but never really made them a focus. I suck at posing but here are two back shots one non pumped and the other after a deadlift session. Can’t help but feel meeh about it

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Thanks a lot this pushes me to improve more. Tbh I’m happy with my change but I don’t consider myself aesthetic yet, idk maybe it’s because I see myself on a day to day basis but I’ve yet to cross that threshhold where I’m happy with how I look if it makes any sense

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thank you KD!

You’re better than 90% of the guys that go into try gym already.

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