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M1TX Stacked with 1-AD


Hey, I have a bottle of Methoyl 1-Test Xtreme and 1-AD both bought before the ban. I have taken m1tx before for a 2 week cycle and made some considerable gains. Recently a knowledgeable friend told me that stacking the m1tx and the 1-ad that i have now for a 3-4 week cycle would yeild some big gains. I was worried that this might be too much artificial test in my system at once and would harm natural testosterone production, but then agian with such a short cycle i figured no permenant damage would be done.

Also would 6oxo/zma/tribulus be sufficient in blocking estrogen and boosting natural testosterone as they did when i first took the m1tx? This is all keeping in mind a solid diet and weight training schedual. Any advice would be much appreciated