Hey, just getting back to training now that I have recovered from an injury. I am a week into an M1T cycle and wanted some advice. I have used M1T once in the past and did no PCT for it. No problems. Some people say you can get gyno from it other say no. What is the truth? should I do a PCT? As for the cycle should I do a 2on 2off 2on or a 4on 2off 2on? Your thought are more than welcome. Thank you.

Poison with a side-effect of muscle growth.

[quote]Nole wrote:
Poison with a side-effect of muscle growth.[/quote]

Good call Nole.

3 cheers for the new guy…


I heard M1T has harsh side effects compared to other PHs.

Overall screw the PH

I would stack that with NO-Xplode.