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first prohormone cycle - is m1t a good start?


I'm not going to comment on the picture, but I will say this...You should find a source for real aas and forget about prohormones.


i dont have access to the real thing. plus i was looking for something fairly mild just to get my foot in the door so i was wondering if a prohormone can be safe adn effective for me right now.


Dbol is the "real thing", if by "real thing" you mean illegal and not obtained over the counter.


Of course you have access to the real thing...unless you live in Australia or Candada, which I am assuming you do not.

Prohormones are generally for the foolish newbies who are too lazy to do research and generally do not take the steroid game seriously.


Wait... What?

Spelling the name of my homeland incorrectly aside, how do you figure this is the case?

Back to the problem at hand, how about simply being smarter about proper nutrition and supplementation? I dont really see any justification for having reached genetic limitations from that very interesting picture you posted up...


Australia and Canada (sorry lol) have the toughest customs


if you want real shit I would do just a dbol cycle many people have done it with success its a pretty simple one too. i would drop the zma pct unless you need it for sleep. it does nothing to increase test or igf-1. the only clinical study to show it produced increased strength was released by that of the original company and the the patent holders at the time.