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M1T vs OT


for bulking which one of this drugs can give me better results?

and what about liver toxicity? is the same for both the drugs?


ive heard nothing but good things about m1t. OT in my opinion though is the shit! personally its my choice over dbol if i can get my hands on some.


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I think he wanted to hear from someone who had actual personal experience with these. From your posts, this wouldn't be you. And since I haven't used them either, back to regular scheduled programming.


guess i didnt make it clear enough. ive tried OT and i said "if i can get my hands on some." because i cant get it anymore. everyone will tell you, if you have access to OT go for it. m1t will tax your liver pretty bad. OT on the otherhand is nowhere near as harmful.


Look, I'm not going to get into a pissing contest here. I wasn't debating which was better, just wondering about your experience. From your posts, you claim to have tried Andro supplements in the past, Carbolin 19, now add OT. All this by the time you are 18?


I agree with that point, how much experience does a highschool student have??? Really!!!


Stay away from M1T. You want personal accounts for this little nasty pro hormone. No problem, I was dyin' to get my hands on this stuff ever since i talked to one of my many supp store reps and found out he had some.

The M1T was manufactured by a company called Andro Technologies and came in 10mg caps...take one a day for a max of three weeks and stay off for another 3 to clean out the liver and so on. On the first day of taking one 10mg cap I noticed within 3-4 hours a swelling in my muscles much to the same effect of a creatine cycle after the first 3 days.

Feeling swollen and perpetually pumped even before my workout started...I was like fuck ya...this shit is awesome. Got to the gym around 4:30pm that same day after work and noticed that when I took a piss at the gym my urine was so fuckin yellow it was almost brown and had a bad stench to it. From this point on I knew that the 10mgs I had taken was already puttin major stress on the liver. I drink water on a consistent basis throughout the day and usually have urine that is very clear with only a tint of yellow.

Besides the fact that I knew M1T was kickin the shit out of my liver I shrugged it off and continued usin for the next two weeks in the pursuit of phenominal gains...after all with all the hype about this product and the fact that it could put on 5 pounds in one week had me convinced that I could see results. I would say it took me 3 days to feel the full affect of this drug and to tell u the truth it felt great for the first little while...had a crazy pump on all day...felt heavy and full and had incredible workouts...what really had me convinced was that others were noticing changes in my appearance too so it wasn't just me.

So its all good right?

No fuckin' way...I heard about M1T sides including fevers and sluggishness but it was just after the first week of experimenting with M1T that I too felt the notorious effects posted by past users. At night I would feel feverish, my head would pound and my bones felt brittle...the one thing that really started scaring me was waking up during the night having my quads tie up and shake...it felt like this shit was ripping through my neverous system. That was only the beggining....

After a two week cycle I decided to do a simple pct of tribulus and milk thistle to get my test production back to normal and my liver flushed...definitely not enough but because the guy at the supp store said he was doin it for months and he was doin no pcts I was convinced I'd be alright.

Being on was one thing, coming off was another. On the second day being off the M1T cycle I had just finished my morning coffee and oats and headed back out to work when I began feeling a shortness of breath....It was insignificant at first but in the next 5 minutes it had escalated to whisping and I felt as though I was done for then and there, I coudn't breath...if the meaning getting closer to god in a tight situation hadn't meant anything to me before then, it had now. I was in and out of cold sweats for the next half hour trying to get a full breath. I was thinkin to myself, "Fuck, never even done real a dose of the real shit and 2 weeks of this garbage is gonna put me out...Fuck!

Luckily I was working alongside another guy that day and he was able to call an ambulance...I fuckin ended up in the hospital cause this shit...they had to monitor me for 3 hours and had me pumped with salts through iv to keep my vitals steady. The question of steroids came up when the ambulance driver notice my bicepss weren't fitting into the blood pressure sleeve and I of course denied any use of the substance knowing that med care frowns on substance abuse. The doc told me that I had suffered from a panic attack and he gave me some pills to calm me down but I knew otherwise.

It took me 3 months to fully recover from M1T and for the next 3 weeks I had 2 more breathing problem episodes that had me sent home from work...since then I have had no similar symtoms or experiences thank god. The BOTTOM LINE is don't use prohormones...especially M1T, they're garbage and will do nothing but hamper the hard work u regularly do to get in top shape. I seriously don't see the point in getting two weeks of glory for 3 months of recovery.

Since then, I have appreciated the modest gains I get from using the tried, tested and true of BB; 1. Training 2. Diet 3. Recovery. After all I love Bodybuilding and I want it to last a lifetime.


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My pleasure, I hope I gave some heads up on what this crap is capable of. And by the way, I flushed the rest of that M1T bottle down the toilet as soon as I got home from the hospital...would never sell that shit to anybody even if it meant losing the 120 bucks that I paid for the sickness. It would of made me the devil...and if u can get the shit from your supp 'back room' the guys jus tryin to cash in...I'll never go back to that nutrition store ever again, Peace


There was a pretty long M1T thread on here started by TrenFreak a couple of years back. Check that thread out if you are interested. IMO OT, as it doesn't matter how anabolic a drug is, if your are too sick to eat or train, you aren't going to gain.


i know ppl using M1T, and they havent that bad sides you are talking about..

this is the first time i read of that amount of sides. other ppl and other forum warn about sides but not at that level..

i was asking which is the best choise simply cause M1T is really simple to get :slight_smile:


Holy shit I can't beleive the timing of this post, so many dilemas... Your experience is by far the worst I've ever heard (in terms of sides) I'm supposed to start my first M1T cycle this saturday, the bottles have been waiting for me since last summer. I really don't know what to think, last week in the news there was a girl who died from taking an ecstasy pill and it was her first time taking the drug ever! I've heard some pretty bad things happen to people taking some of the cell volumizers out there also.
Very strange the timing of your post and now in the off topic section they are talking about Jesus, is this a sign?

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If I had to choose one I would definitely go with OT. I have never used OT personally but M1T is somethign to stay away from. Many users on other boards have used and logged this supp and while most have gained a shit ton of weight, a lot of bloat went along aith it. they also reported that lethargy was almost unbearable and the fever symptoms were almost too tough to deal with. Also, their lipid profiles came back much worse than anyone had originally thought.

To sum up, I would def go with OT. Less harsh and less sides. you will gain weight slower but it should be quality muscle weight you gain. It will also be easier to recover from at 30-40 mg day than M1T will be at 10mg.
Plus you wont have a bunch of yahoos ask if you are using b/c the size gains wont be as dramatic.


what is OT? and who is the manufacturer? notice i am out of touch with all the influx of designer steroids. when there's test available.


Extreme lethargy, horrible cramps and kidney pains are what I experienced. For whatever reason I was crazy enough to complete a three week cycle of this shit. I say stay away.


I dont know man. I think you were just one of the unlucky ones. I'm using m1-t, as directed, from that same company you mentioned. The product supposedly doen't aromatize, but I'm taking estrodex (by sann) right now just in case of any estrogen increases. I'm almost done the bottle and all my friends have used the same product and none of us had an episode like you mentioned. You are actually the first person I heard of having any sort of liver problems from its use. I think an intelligent user can make the decision if a particular drug is right for them or not. And you know, that one just wasn't for you.

Eg. One friend of mine had a horrible experience with sustanon 800mg and 200mg deca/ week. Horrible!! But I tried that combo 2 years ago, for 6 weeks and with the exception of getting some bacne, I was fine.

I've only ever went on about 8 cycles my whole life, and I've actually found the m1-t and estrodex combo as effective as anything I've done.


Just curious, what was your pct like?

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It was really simple, 4 weeks of 60mg anavar and 4 weeks of nolvadex, 30mg. With a shit load of b-vitamins, some zinc and vitamin e and c. I was still real naive on steroids then, but it was an ok pct. It probably should have been longer though.