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M1T Tamoxifen PCT


im doing a m1t cycle at 20mgs a day fro 15 days or untill bottles empty...is tamoxifen a good enough pct? i know shelf products blow.


im sorry my question is how many mgs of tam should be taken...20 or 30 mgs per day, i have done research and read both are good numbers. any advice would be great i wsant to keep what i get with this cycle.


I'm not a gearhead, but I think you need to find the article Cy Wilson wrote about PCT and do some reading. I don't think Nolvadex, which is tamoxifen citrate, needs to be consumed over the course of a day. It's got a half life of what, a day or two?

And check the article and other resources, I think the dosage should be higher too. While probably not as big a concern with M1T, PCT is always a good idea and kudos for thinking about it.