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M1T: Is It Really That Powerful? Have You Tried It?

Hi (I’m italian and i’m sorry for my English)
I’d like to talk about M1T (Methyldihydroboldenone)… I know it’s one of the most toxic and strong steroid ever created. What are your experiences about this aas? Is it stronger than dbol, superdrol or anavar? I want to know, from who has tried it, the results, the features and the real power of that hormone.

I haven’t tried it, but if I was going to use it, I would get 1-test cyp (the injectable version). It is liked by almost everyone who has reported on it. It used to be sold over the counter, and was reported to be probably the best “supplement” for gains.

Tried it when it was legal back in the early '00’s. Not sure if it actually did much, but I felt like it was awesome for the young and uninitiated me.

Now I wouldn’t bother; just like I don’t generally bother with any orals since moving on up to injectables.

Dihydroboldenone is notorious for crippling PIP/adverse injection site reactions.

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That is true, but I’ve heard some ugly have figured out how to brew it without much pip.

Methyl-1AD is stronger and can add more actual mass. Since it’s just about as toxic as M1T it’s hard not to choose it instead. Both are relatively stupid, FYI.