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M1T for Cutting? Is It Safe?

Alright, I have my flame retardant suit on here so let me have it.

I have a bunch of bottles of M1T left over from before they were banned. In the past I had used it at low doses for cutting with really low calories. This worked well.

Recently I have heard rumors that M1T is actually been found to be pretty harsh on the liver/reproductive system/nasty sides and is worse than people thought when it originally hit the market. I will freely admit this isnt something I keep up with and I havent used the stuff in over 2 years but I am thinking about giving it a whirl again as part of a cutting cycle.

I haven’t been able to verify the claim by an admittedly dumbass friend about the newly discovered dangers so I was wondering if anyone had anything to back that up/refute that.

Finally, in the past I used Nolva once and Clomid once for recovery. I didm’t notice much difference in PCT but is there any current thought on which ones of these would be better/easier for PCT or even something better that I could get easier or OTC.

Thanks for all the help.

First, I would find a dude to sell all that M1T to, and invest in the “real” stuff.

Maybe a teenager that wants to get HUGE! As far as Nolv or Clomid, the nolv is an anti-E, whereas the clomid helps restart the LH production, supposedly.

I say supposedly due to different people saying they are the same, but in published books I read that the clomid is slightly better. I personally used both last time, 10 mgs/nolv and 25 mgs. clomid daily, and everything seemed fine…

Anyone thinking of using M1T should at least consider protecting their liver and kidneys with some cranberry extract and milk thistle. I took M1T for 3 weeks (20mg/day), and began pissing blood. Since then I have done nothing but injectables like Deca and sust.

It has been 2 years since my experience with M1T, and my GGT, ALT, AST, and creatinina have all returned to normal, so I guess no permanent damage was done. In my opinion, better results can be obtained from less toxic stuff.

Watchout for itchy and sore nips from this stuff! I know “someone” who took only M1T to see if the stuff worked, and “they” got some seriously sore and itchy nips.

You should easily be able to get back what you paid plus some selling the M1T.

Sell it. When you do come back and post again. Myself and others here would be very happy to help you design a safer more effective cycle.