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M1T For a 17 Year Old?


I have some M1T from when it was legal and I have never taken it (it's my brothers). I always said I would never even consider roids until I was atleast 20. But I was wondering at the age of 17 I know roids arn't needed because of natural T being so high.

My question is, if I cycled M1T for a month would there be decent results and second, could 1 month stop my natural production of T? Or would it take longer for affects like that to occur? And I guess third, is it possible to actually go steril after one cycle??

I would be taking milk thistle as well, any negative affects of that?



Yes, it is suppressive, and yes it will fuck up your lipid profiles. You're only 17 and your natural hormone levels should be high enough to get the gains you want with the right nutrition and exercise. I say sell it and wait another decade before messing with anything like that.


Yeah, I just read some things about it that changed my mind haha.

I'm gaining very nicely right now naturally, I'll wait a couple...years.



seriously, wait for awhile or you are going to end up like some of the other "young men" that have posted on here, essentially, they took steroids and or prohormones and fucked themselves up....


Did a seventeen-year-old just ask if he should take steroids, and then actually listen, study, and make the right decision?

Wow. Isn't there some sort of prize we can give this kid?

Seriously, J: nice work. Virtually eveyone your age who asks the same question gets told, "No, it'll fuck you up." Then he replies, "Fuck you, old man! I do what I want!"

If that's you in your avatar, I'd say you're doing okay. Eat big, lift heavy, and if you're still in the game in seven or eight years, you'll be a lot bigger and a lot smarter and a lot more ready to think about AAS.


I read an article I got from the Arnold last year (I think it was in Body of Science) that said M1T was extremely liver toxic.


Yea, that's me in the picture. I've been doing my own workout program for about a year and I cut very successfully. I than wanted to gain some size while still recovering from my motorcycle injury.

I recently started the bodybuilders new frontier program by CW and have just started my AM/PM workouts and am gaining very steadily.

Yes, I'm familiar with some of the affects of M1T, such as the extreme stress on the liver.

Assistant football coach and some other teachers have asked me if I am juiceing and I just laugh. I guess my fast gains have me wanting more and more too fast. I know better though hah.



Congrats on using your brain and not your ego.


Sell it and try something like Methoxy-7, creatine, BCAA's in bulk and used wisely can help alot to, or for that matter Surge is pretty damn good but to pricey IMO. As for your decision, I can only say I hope you're not just "yesin" everyone. I don't think you are though.

Like it or not steroids are a psychological drug. Now I know nothing about you personally and you might be an incredibly mature kid. Still the idea of taking something like m1T at your age is a very bad one. Aside from throwing your hormonal balance seriously out of whack in a time of both mental and physical change, it will most likely shortchange your ability to really learn how to train. At 17 it's REAL unlikely you really now your body and how to train and eat right (at least not like you will in another 5 years). SO keep doing what you've been doing and if you have any questions on what's worth taking that's legal and ALOT safer just ask bro, I'll help.


Even more scary, he's the second one today to come to his senses in less than a page of posts. Syclone on the "What should I take" thread also listened to the responses he got. I believe these are signs that the apocalypse is upon us...


I know a lot about nutrition and training compaire to a lot of people I associate with (school, gym, buddies). As of right now I'm looking to do something with strength training/sports nutrition in college along with business/economics and such. If I do come across questions I hit up T-Nation. Thanks for the help fellas.



Actually I just noticed I do have a couple questions. Yes, I just searched T-Nation and google for some info but it's all crap.

First: Methoxy-7, what exactly is that doing? Will that affect my natural production of T? Or is it not even interfearing in any matter?

Second: BCAA, is it called BCAA because I looked for like 10 minutes trying to find it not abrev. I had trouble finding what BCAA is actually doing to the body as well.

Basically, are they all safe to take at 17? I'll actually be 18 in April so...yea.



Methoxy-7 is a non steroidal anaolic agent. It helps to harden your muscles and reduce body fat. It isn't a fat burner persay, but it does reduce the appearance of fat. It is non suppressive and actually is a good product. BCAA's are branched chain amino acids. These are the building blocks of protein molecules and taking these aids in recovery from workouts. They are absorbed quicker by the body that actual protein, but should not replace you protein intake. They are a good supp too.


Also to add to what Goo said, Methoxy-7 doesnt' do anything to your T levels and from what I think I remember learning it acts as a "nutrient repartitioning agent". So for example taking in extra protein ie. 1.5 grams of protein per lb of lean bodymass alone with the reccomended dose of Methoxy-7 would probably yeild more muscle gains as your body is able to utilize the the extra protein alot better. Once again I think this the overall idea of what I remember reading about the product back when it came out. Not much to expect in the way of strength gains, esp. compaired to creatine.

As for the BCAA (branched chain amino acids), like Goo mentioned they seem to help stop DOMs or lessen it and just help cut down recovery time. An important note though that I've found when taking in larger amounts of BCAA's is make sure you drink plenty of water. Same with creatine, in fact I'm sure you already know but if your lifting hard and especially if you're using just about anything you want to hit the gallon + mark every day.

ALso just to point out, that while the products like Alpha Male, powerfull, or activate are used to raise you natty T levels they probably won't do jack shat at your age. THen again you didn't ask anything about them so you probably know that already:-)


Really appreciate all the feedback guys.

Thanks you