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M1T Dose and Stack


This question is for informational purposes only my studying has come up empty.

If one was to try a M1T cycle, what would the ideal dosages be for a 200 lb 5 years experience in the gym, 6'0 male. Also what could be taken to add energy, fight lethargy and keep the libido somewhat normal?

Since M1T is banned now, and so were the inital ideas for stacking with it and taking to protect and help the ideas would have to be legal currently in the US. Any help, information, anything to help me learn more would be greatly appreciated..


Do your own research, but everything I've seen about M1T has been thoroughly negative. I wouldn't suggest using it.


I would use 2 caps of 10mg for 2 weeks. But I'm not sure the dosage/cap you have. Then off cycle. Don't go on for another 4 weeks, then repeat. I think, if you don't have any problems with your liver already it's ok for short term use. A 2 week cycle is all you should go on, so I don't think their would be an issue with your T being suppressed a whole lot, but maybe somebody else would know for sure on that.

And for me, it never made me lethargic nor did I notice a loss of libido. I know a lot of people dont like it on this site, but it's not going to kill you if you use it properly and take measures to protect your liver while on and off of it.