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M1T Cycle and PCT


I was considering ordering some of legal gear's m1t from the U.K. to begin my first PH cycle...I was planning on taking 10 mg pd first week, then if sufficient results have already been gained, continue 10 mg through the second week, if not, i'd up the dose to 20 mg pd. I heard that nolva is not necessary in short m1t cycles, so what should I use for PCT, i was thinking either formadrol extreme, or 6-oxo..??


I wouldn't consider m1t a prohormone...There is no conversion that takes place, thus it's an actual steroid. It is pretty potent, so if you exceed the 2 week mark I'd use some clomid for a few weeks after cycle to make sure everything gets back to normal. And make sure to split the doses up as well d/t the short half-life.



I second what Katz said.. M1T shut me down HARD and fast each time I ran it. You should consider some real ancillaries other than the OTC stuff you mentioned. It would help a lot in your recovery. It's natural to think that seeing as it was sold OTC, you can use OTC aromatase inhibitors and "testosterone support/anti-E" supplements... but alas this is not so helpful due to the potency of the product.

And to echo what's been said over and over again, you should start a liver support as much as a month before you start as it's considered extremely hepatoxic, and it's good to prevent rather than cure if you know what I mean.



From what you guys have just said, it sounds like M1T is pretty heavy stuff, considering its liver toxic and the shutdown is pretty hard...on that note, the reason i thought about doing an m1t cycle is because its pretty easy for me to order, but, so is deca-durabolin...from your experiences, what would you think would be more effective and ideal (side effects wise), a cycle of M1T, or a deca only cycle for 2-3 weeks??


Interested to see what people think on this one... My own novice opinion is, a deca only cycle will be relatively weak compared to a stacked cycle. Also, with deca, I believe it either aromatizes or acts on the progesterone, so you would need ancillary's with it... Or am I mixing up my profiles?


I was informed that deca doesn't aromatize easily at all and with 200 mg per week, clomid is only necessary for one week after the cycle is finished??


You are gonne get yourself in trouble so lemme set you guys straight ( in a friendly way, not being an asshiole )

Deca does produce progesterone and there are only 2 things to fight that, Bromocriptine which is nasty and makes you feel like shit, and Dostinex which is way better and very expencsive, also running Deca alone is just stupid, you would want to run test as well, say if your running 300mg of deca a week, you would want to run 500mg of test ( sust250 ), the reason for this is that deca will shut you down hard ( translate pp no worky ) and the test is their to even it out, also you want to stop the deca 1st, while continuing your test for a week or 2. 3 weeks will be waisting your money and time, you would want to do at least 6-8 weeks deca with 2 extra weeks of test, followed a PCT with Nolva or arimadex, clomid, maybe even HCG... if at any gyno starts during the cycle hit it hard with Dostinex and Arimadex becasue you wont know which ( estrogen or progesterone ) is causing it. for pct use both as well. As with any of this stuff guys, you cant play at it, you have to find out everything that can happen and be prepared for it, please research and be very careful about what you put in your body.


I couldn't agree anymore.... This is why I balk with the "supplements". I have been reading for a while, which I still have a lot more to do. But I also still have a little ways to go (concerning age) as well as BF% and my training (training is good, form still needs work on some lifts)....


Just as an FYI, there are supps out there that will help w/ progesterone induced gyno just as much from my experience-in case one doesn't want to go with something like bromo or dostinex.
Given your situation, I would choose the m1t over the deca.

It sounds like you're wanting to keep things relatively simple and short, which m1t is definitely better suited for. I would go with 20mg/d for 3 weeks and some pct for 2-3 weeks after. Take ~1500mg milk thistle while on m1t and then feel free to back off a little when you're finished, but continue to run it for a few weeks just to be safe.