M1T Compared to TBOL

i know that M1T isn’t an AAS.
and i know that TBOL is a mild AAS.

but reading the last threads about TBOL i come up with some questions.

so to better understand the TBOL i would like to know how it is compared to the M1T.

what about gains (in strenght and lean mass), negative side effects and toxicity of TBOL compared to M1T?


M1T is an aas.

AFAIK it is a pro-steroid, a little different from a “real” AAS.

however the point is an other… how “strong” is TBOL compared to M1T?

For cheer mass gains M1T is said to be better.

so, if the goal is an oral only cicle to get lean mass, M1T is better the tbol?


[quote]samsmarts wrote:
For cheer mass gains M1T is said to be better.[/quote]

Said to be better by whom? Where is your source for that statement?