M1t Annoyance

Heres a word to the wise dont talk about m1t on this website youl get a million f**king people pming for a source. Why is everyone so in love with m1t? does everyone else get asked by people for sources for steroids becasue i would never have talked about m1t if i knew people wher so annoying.

So budlight,

Are you saying you know where I can score some M1-T?

haha no

Why does everyone like m1t is it becuase people dont consider it a steroid so they dotn feel like a sreoid user doing it?

  1. it works
  2. it’s cheap
  3. it lasts a while: 80 caps for $90 = 5.5 cycles (by bottle recommendation)
  4. it’s convenient (1 pill with breakfest)

yeah i guess but 5.5 cycles a bottle doesnt happen more like 2

if you use 1 cap, 10 mg, it’s 5.7 cycles technically. for m1t made by andro tch, they recommend 2 week cycles. 80caps / 14days at 1 cap = 5.7 cycles. this is just by andro tech usage - i’m guessing now you meant some other brand when you said m1t

[quote]E-man wrote:

Are you saying you know where I can score some M1-T?[/quote]

I do!

did you see results at 10 mg / day?? I had some M1T from higher power in 5 mg caps and as per directions on the bottle I tried 5mg/ day and got nothing… tried 10 mg / day and got nothing… next time I tried it I had just enough left to do 20 mg / day for 2 weeks and I finally saw what I would consider decent results. ( a couple new PR’s and added a few pounds that Ive since lossed ) The lethargy was bad though… sort of felt zombied all day long

did you eat at least a thousand calories over maintance…did you train right? i gained 20 pounds on 10 mg a day

how much 4aderm would i need a day for an m1t cycle 15mgs a day