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M1T and Pre-Existing Hypogonadism


Hey gang,

I have a bottle of Gaspari M1T that I haven't used because I was afraid of T suppression. However, my doc ran some tests and i am hypogonadal. My total T is 307 with the lower limit of normal at 400. I probably have had this for my entire life. I never used anabolics. I am 37y/o and was born premature. My balls have always been small but I don't know why.

I have symptoms of hypogonadism. i.e. poor libido, no spontaneous erections, crappy workouts. I need to use cialis to help with my erections. My urologist put me on androgel @ 2 packets per day, but it didn't seem to help. I can't get an appointment with my doc for several months and he won't refill my script til then.

Since my T is already low, can I use the M1T without risking side effects such as T suppression. Are there any other side effects I should worry about? I have searched the forums but the posts would apply to guys with normal testicular function, so I don't know if the info would apply to me. Any help would be appreciated.



I would avoid that stuff. Do a search on here for different user results. Try to get your doc to prescribe you some test, or find another doc that will.


Another vote to avoid the M1T.


i know a guy from my gym that was taking m1t and had no positive results and shrunken testicles after a month cycle i would seek a doctor that specializes in hrt there's hundreds of them on the internet now a days iam sure you'll find one in your neck of the woods goodluck