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M1T and Hypertension?

Well i finished my 4 week cycle of m1t about a week ago and i thought i had nothing but good to say about it. Well ive been having bad headaches for awhile now and i thought it might be my blood pressure so i checked it today. Well it was 142/98. I talked to an RN and was told that 98 for diastolic is very high and that i should see a doctor, is this true? I know that my BP is high but is it dangerously high?

Im now wondering if the M1T caused this because i never had high blood pressure in the past. Current supps are 6-oxo, ZMA, whey and creatine. I want to see a doctor to get my liver values checked and also to get my blood tested. Am i worrying about nothing or is this a big deal?

one of the “classic” issue when dealing with steroid and pro-steroid is high pressure (other than liver toxicity when working with alchilate)

however 98 it is not so high to be dangerouse (more important may be the differnce from your pressure when you aren’t dealing with M1T…do you know it?)

take the check of blood value, it is a really good pratice to check them before and after cycle…

BTW how much M1T did you take daily?

20mg daily stacked with 4-AD at 40mg daily

may be the pressure issue is related to the stack.20mcg is a standard… not low but not high…

have you used zinc in the cycle?
about pressure issue you can try to use Hawthorn Berry