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M1T and 4AD


Has anyone ever taken higer power nutrition's m1t?I still have some left that I bought before the ban{around nov 04).I also have some 4-ad from hardcore labs.Has anyone ever tried either companies or have any info on either?


I have tried the M1T and have to say that I was impressed. I am 30 now, and I've worked out off and on since my freshman year of high school. I have tried andro, 4AD, etc etc ...a host of other supplements prior to M1T.

Into the 1st week of the M1T cycle I could begin to feel the effects. I took about 20mg (10mg tablets twice a day) and I felt pumped all day. It was great. My strength gains were awesome as well.

I began weighing 192 and max benching about 265. I split the bottle with a friend and when I finished a 3 week cycle, my weight had gone to 218 and I was benching about 335-340. I lost some weight (down to 215 now) and lost some strength and size, and I could go into further details, but I wanted to reply quickly to your post.

Bottom line, I was impressed with my experience with M1T.


I had a really good experiance with M1-T, my strength gains were amazing. Higher Power is a great company. I was taking like four or five of those pills though, they are the 5mg pills right?
Great stuff though, how much do you have? I took it for six weeks and then pct with 6-OXO.


I have 4 bottles of HP's m1t and 3 bottles of 4-ad(hardcore labs).I think they are 10mg but I can't remember it's been awhile since I looked at them.I'm really not for sure if I will do a cycle of them or not.I have a stockpile of Superdrol,Phera-plex and halodrol.I'm kind of weighing my options right now.I just finished an SD cycle with great gains so I guess I will wait and see.Any suggestions?


Sell 1 bottle of the M1T to me so that you have equal amounts of M1T to 4-ad!!!

Or if you don't want them at all I would gladly buy them from you!!

Sorry that is all the advice I can give you as I've never gotten to get my hands on any M1T.