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M1t/4AD Stack Advice


Hey guys, just lookin for some advice. I recently picked up some m1t (pill form) and the local retailer tried to sell me on taking 4ad at the time, which I'm considering. I've done a bit of searching around and haven't found a lot of info on the topic except that it seems to work well for adding 10-20 pounds. I'm hoping to gain 15 minimum, I'm currently 225 @ 6'3". Anyways, if anyone has used this stack and has any recommendations they would be much appreciated. I was advised to do cycles of 2 weeks on/2weeks off.

Also, all the guy in the shop recommended for taking during the off period was testoplex, which from my background on the subject doesn't seem to be enough. So please any info on how to take it, how long, what to expect (results), any side effects, and what to take during the off phase and after the cycle would be greatly appreciated.


I stacked the 2 together. M1T will give you lethargy, the 4AD will combat that nicely and you will feel good in the gym. Using the 2 I gained a good 20+ pounds in a month. I must warn you that while on I had some intense back pumps, but the worse side effect was sleep. It completely fucked up my sleep, I had nightmares, cold sweats, etc. Strength gains while on were insane.

The best advice i can possibly give is to take clomid for PCT.


Stack the 2 together!

I tried those a couple of years ago when they first came out and it worked pretty good, about 12lbs if I'm not correct. I would reccomend some PCT however, b/c I crashed a little and ended up losing about 6lbs. My advice? M1T and 4ad are now illegal, might as well use the real stuff! Best of luck



The best advice I can give you is not to ignore PCT with this cycle. As far as what you want to use, Im not too comfortable on that advice but I also used 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. Id use the PCT for the same cycle of the M1T itself. Congrats on getting your hands on some though, Im very jealous.


Where did you get it? I love m1t I gained about 10lbs in 3 weeks but didn't take pct seriously and lost it all. I had serious back pumps throughout and slept like shit. It also really fucked with my appetite so I was drinkin like 4 homemade shakes a day.You're a lucky man, please take pct seriously or you'll lose what you worked sohard to get.