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M1T/4AD Results!

I just finished week 2 of my m1t/m4ad cycle. I have been taking 20mg of m1t ED since i started 2 weeks ago, also ive been stacking m4ad at 40mg ED and holy shit does this stuff work!

I started at 187 pounds and i am now at 203 pounds, i have increased my bench by about 20 pounds, and i look way bigger than i ever have before. Every day when i wake up i look and feel bigger than the day before. This stuff is crazy, im a little worried that its working too well though because these gains are rediculous. I have another 2 weeks left, are these gains going to continue to climb?

I have another 2 week supply of each drug so i am thinking of just stopping now and doing another 2 week cycle in a month or so. Would i benefit more from staying on for another 2 weeks or should i stop??

Switching to something like Carbolin-19 and Alpha Male might help you keep your gains and extend your supply of andro. I think this was one of Carbolin-19 intended purposes.

Wow! Nice gains!

I was actually going to try to get some 4ADEC for a friend of mine’s father, but its just impossible to locate.

16 lbs in 203 weeks. Man! Has anyone seen you since the gains that didnt see you in those 2 weeks?

Great job on the gains. One question I have for you, did you spread your m1T dose throughout the day or did you take 20mg at one time?
I’m about to start a the same cycle myself and was planning on 10mg/m1T in the a.m. with 4-ad and 10 mg/m1t a couple hours before bed.

I take 10 mg M1T and 20 mg M4AD with breakfast, and i take the same dose again about an hour before my workouts with a snack. Never take the stuff on an empty stomach because it will make you very sick. Also i have found that i dont sleep very well, and when i do sleep i have some crazy ass dreams.

Well this certainly contradicts everybody who tried m1t telling me it’s hell in a bottle.

I used both MAG-10 and M1T and while both added size and strength, I saw gains with M1T in the first week. Psychological or not my workouts drastically improved and I gained about 10 lbs in a month. DRock has it right, I took 10mg in the morning and 10mg about 30 min before a workout but its imperative that you make sure you eat a lot when you take and and eat and drink a lot of water while youre on it… It does cause minor break outs but Im prone to those and it wasnt excessive… I would kill to get my hands on some M1T these days…

Well today was my last workout day on the cycle so i thought i would post the final results. I am up to 209 pounds. I have gained 40 pounds to my bench press and have made about a 15 percent increase everywhere else. To be honest im a little scared because i didnt taper my cycle, i just took 20 mg m1t a day from day 1 to day 30 and i dont know how my body is going to react, i am taking 6-oxo and ZMA for PCT so i hope its strong enough to get me back to normal.

Also it would be nice to keep the gains i made and maybe even make gains in the month to follow. I just started getting acne so that wasnt an issue, also i had no noticable hair loss or change in attitude. Well i am very happy with my results and ill post again once my PCT is done to see the final results.

Drock, my man, 6-0x0 isn’t really satisfactory for PCT from an M1T cycle.

M1t is an actual, honest to goodness steroid. It does not require conversion, which prohormones undergo. It is methlyated 1-testosterone. 1-AD is a prohormone of 1-test, to give you an idea…

You took an oral steroid cycle stacked with a prohormone. Your PCT should reflect that. M1t completely shuts you down in 24 hours. You’ve been suppressed for 30 days. Ideally, you should get some Clomid and/ Nolvadex to run 50/20 for 3 weeks.