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Sorry if this has been done before but I couldnt find anything on the search when I looked. So please excuse my ignorance if it has been done.

Is this a good testerone to take for strength and size gains?
What are the side affects and is it bad for you?

Im really interested in taking a testerone and I just couldnt find any info on this. I have been using creatine for the last year and have got some decents gains but I have reached a point where Im ready for somthing stronger.

Thankyou for any help at all.


First of all, this isn't "a testosterone". It is a progestin and from all the feedback I have heard on this product, it's shit and a waste of money.


Yea sorry I just read that I got it confused with M1T the one that got banned. Has anyone tried M1P or does anyone know anything about it?