so heres the questiion could i stack m1-t 5mg ed (4 wks) , with cyp 200 wk and deca 200 wk 30 wk cycle . i get mixed reveiws i no m1t and cyp is cool but its the deca that i would be interested to hear what you guys have to say on another note whats up T-Nation i recently found this board and thought i would hang around for a while ,share some info and gather some also.

Yes I am very well versed in M1T actually.

Its quite alright, although your cycle seems poorly planned.

Test is too low, thats practically a replacement dosage, same with the deca, too low to really be helpful.

I see no mention of HCG if you insist on running such a long cycle… or ancillaries, AI or dopamine agonist for the deca. Or mention of PCT.

30 weeks is too long. Run higher doses, shorter cycle, youll gain more and not shutdown as hard.

Do some more research.

But yes its comparable to dbol, kicks fast, short half life, mostly type II activity. Not a bad addition to a cycle if you have some laying about.

Unlike many PH’s its quite strong, and prone to some sides, but again similar to dbol sides.

ive decided that high and short cycles are ok and have ran a few in the past . i am running this because of low natural test levels so basically id be doing my own hrt this is after a doc told me they were low and said some people are and that was it.

running this to see how i will react and looking for slow steady lean gains.

ive ran in the past at 12 weeks deca@ 400wk ,test e @750 wk and responded well with slight acne . ran clomid at the end and no adverse effects.

also ran prop 400 wk eq 200wk and tren 35ed for 8 weeks responded well but was not the best 1st cycle choice for it was very good gainer it was a heavy cycle. ran pct and all was good.

i do have ancillaries on hand but think they wont be needed except with the m1-t ill be watching very closely and running panels at 4 wk end and every 10 wks .

the idea with the m1-t is blast m1-t and cruise test and deca

what if any sides did u have with m1-t . @ what dosage. thanks

oh forgot 2 mention ill be running igf on lift days @40 intram for 14 of those weeks

I think this is a bad idea. If it is for self HRT, and a 30 week cycle… then that is an oxymoron. You never come off of HRT. By no means am I suggesting you go on forever though.

As far as the bad natural levels, how long since your previous cycles? Deca shuts you down more than anything else, based on my readings. Shuts you down harder and longer.

What were the levels your doctor said were low?
I was diagnosed with low test, 274, although I have never been on anything.

last cycle 2005 . test results 6.9 free test and 3.3 total test , originally i was going for a 10 weeker 650 test and 400 deca with dbol as a kick start. after following a few guys logs that were running long low cycles and getting really good results and discussing the theory behind it we came up with running it this way. only without the m1-t i added that later. so i went and had a blood panel done and found out that my t is low anyway, so im figuring that its been low for a while and thats why training has been difficult (at a stand still growth wise for a while , very sore not responding like i use 2. really i was going 2 cycle anyway it just made more sence 2 do this 30 weeker after i went 2 the doc . as far as plans after 30 weeks ill get with the right doc and make up a guided plan.

When was the last time you deloaded from training for a week or so? Also how much dairy to you eat? Soy? Getting enough sleep? Eating well?

Lots of stuff can be factors to low test. Cycles are not going to help your natural levels off cycle, it will hurt it. If you already have issues with low test then cycling is not the way to go, IMHO…
I would think blast and cruise would be better.

If the doctors do not resolve my issues by treating any underlying problems, or by prescribing TRT, that is what I will be doing… and based on the way doctors act when they see a 245-250lb powerlifter complaining about low test, I am guessing I will not be getting any treatment.