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Did I miss the discontinuation notice? Had to buy some off E-bay for gods sake and not my fave supp manufacturer. It's fairly obvious they're not gonna make it anymore.


Yeah I just noticed it is gone as well....


I've considered this an important product and have been taking it pretty regularly for about a year. I'm very disappointed about losing this one.


Next to MAG-10 of course, M was my favorite. I loved the way I felt. a little harder and didn't sweat near as much. I always took if for weeks at a time, sometimes months. Now I am scrambling to find it online at other supplement stores. I hope Biotest will use it again- maybe in a different supplement.


TC or Cy, any input on this?


I'm surprised that its just...gone. No mention it was going, no fanfare for a new product to replace it. I'll miss you homie.


I think the active ingredient in M is also found in Alpha Male if I am not mistaken. Maybe thats why they decided to d/c M


I just went to order some and it's gone. I would have thought they would post something about discontinuing one of their products as they've done in the past. Yes the ingredients of M are in Aplha Male but the M served its purpose for cycling with Alpha Male. Maybe one of our mods can shed some light on the dissapperance of M?


I want to know too. I ran out the other day and just looked today to re-order. I took M religiously.

Is it on sale at other outlets now, like TRIBEX is?


This is correct.

Vitex agnus castus, the main active ingredient in M, is now included in Tribex and Alpha Male.

We're also considering releasing a straight Vitex agnus castus supplement.


Can you answer the question at hand please? Has or ha not M been discontinued?

If so, then suppose one was taking Alpha Male on a 5 day on and 2 off cycle, what would he do on the 2 off days if M is not available? Take TRIBEX on the off days?


Has RED KAT been discontinued also? Once I saw the offer for the free bars I got in the store and couldn't find either of the products I was going to order. Whats recommended for the people that loaded up on MAG-10?


We're no longer selling M because it's main active ingredient is now included in Tribex and Alpha Male at no extra charge.

There's no reason to use any related supplement on the days you cycle off Alpha Male.


Red Kat is sold through BiotestEdge.com.

I prefer to use Alpha Male between MAG-10 cycles.


Holy crap I didnt even realize it was gone until you guys said something. Man, and I really liked RED KAT on its own.

On the Biotestedge.com site RED KAT is $50! I might as well get Alpha Male. What's gonna replace these items in the T-Nation arsenal? I see Flameout just came out, what else should we expect in the future?


M contained 4 ingredients. The other 3 were (taken from M literature):

Trihydroxystilbene blocks estrogen at the actual receptor site in male breast tissue and other estrogen-sensitive tissues.

Tocotrienols work synergistically with estrogen blockers to dramatically increase the overall effect at the receptor, as well as through non-receptor mechanisms.

Calcium D-glucarate clears excess estrogen from the body by inhibiting the enzyme that's responsible for the activation of bound estrogen.

It seemed like a really comprehensive formula, that cannot compare with just using Vitex agnus castus, especially with the Trihydroxystilbene in there.

I have read a lot on this site of the dangers of too much estrogen in the body, especially in regards to prostrate health. It seemed like M was really an excellent stand alone product that many T-men in this plasticized world would want to use. I sure would like to see it brought back.




I also would be happy to see Biotest produce an estrogen blocker--especially a more potent one (not cracking on M; just cheering anything that is more powerful).

And for those who wonder what to use for PCT after having stocked up on MAG-10: I WISH I had that concern! If the lack of an over-the-counter estrogen-blocker is going to inhibit your use of MAG-10, PM me and I'll take some off your hands and save you the concern! :wink:


I would also like to see M come back on the market. I took it regularly and found that I liked it as much as Alpha Male if not more. I Biotest changes its mind about this one.


TC has already said that M is coming back in his locker room thread. There putting together a more potent, pure, nano-dispersed form right now.

Yea, i can't wait either