I have two questions that pretty much go with one topic. My first question is I want to try M and see if it works for me. I have a hard time trying to get lean and I used to have a little bit of the bitch tits until I had it surgically removed. Also I am going on a 8 week cycle of 4-Adec would anyone recomend using M with 4-ADec while on it to prevent any estrogen building up and removing estrogen.

I’m quite sure that 4ADEC can’t be converted to estrogen. Test can be converted, but I believe 4ADEC works through different means than increasing test in the body. Maybe some tribex post-cycle, but even then, 4ADEC is less suppressive so it’s optional.

4AD-EC can’t be directly converted into estrogen, however indirectly it can (via, the raise in T will effect you’re estrogen levels.) Although this increase isn’t much I’ve always Used the M product with Tribex post androgen cycle to bring the natural T back up to par, while keeping the estrogen in check. Hope this helps.