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Is “M” safe and effective for people under 18? I am 17. This topic may have been addressed before and I apologize if it has. I will say that I have indeed tried the search engines in both the mag and the forum but typing M or “M” in the search column wasn’t effective…although it was safe! :slight_smile:

Hello, 17.

The mere fact that you took the time to find this website, this forum, and do some research shows a lot of smarts for someone your age.

Although some opinions may be contrary to mine, I would suggest that you wait until you’re 18 to start supplementing (only 1 year or less to go!)

You have a whole lifetime to build the body you want, and Biotest will still be here when you’re 18.


I would be pretty interested to see what controlling estrogen levels in a teenager would produce. Granted I am way beyond my teen years, but what if you manipulated your bodys natural hormones at that age, as opposed to using outside anabolic agents?

I dont see why not. When i was 17 i could grow a full beard. I was fully mature at that age. Even if you arent mature i would see nothing wrong with controlling estrogen levels.

I believe you will mainly see a difference with M only if you have an estrogen issue and as such it would depend either on natural hormonal genetics (some males due to genetics have excessive estrogen) or depend on age because as you approach middle age, many males find their estrogen to T ratio start to slip towards E. As such, in general, I believe middle aged males tend to see more benefit from M than younger males (I’m 44 and I’ve experienced benefit from M but know my hormonal “picture” has definately changed from when I was 17 or even 30). The exception of course being in coming off a Mag-10 or androsol cycle where T is suppressed and therefore T to E ratio is obviously shifted towards E and M can assist in recovery of T during such a situation. I believe M should be a safe supplement for a 17 yr old but benefit would depend on if, due to poor hormonal genetics, the teen had an issue with excessive E which I don’t believe to be the case with most teen atheletes. If you don’t have an obvious estrogen issue, you may still recieve some benefit but the benefit may be hard to measure or a smaller benefit than an older guy like myself has experienced. If you do believe you have an estrogen issue, give M a try and let us know your results.