M, Vitex and tribex 500

In the ‘behind the scenes article’, current issieu there is a question from somebody about “M”, Vitex and Tribex 500. Can somebody please tell me what “M” stands for. Sorry if it is a silly question but I must have read the article three times and its still not clear to me. Thank you, Jan.

M stands for male (i think)

Ha ha! Biotest–those crazy guys–like to give names to products with weird collections of letters and numbers. M…MD6…T2…Tribex-500…Mag-10…DeniseRichards69…

I know MD6 is derived from the original working title of “MeltDown”, but “6” huh? MAG-10 I’ve been wondering about too. Anybody care to enlighten us? Monster Anabolic Gains? Muscle Agony Guaranteed? Me Andro Gorilla?

I believe the “6” in MD6 refers to the number of ingredients in the product.

I thought MD6 could mean Metabolically Deep 6 your fat

The product “M” suppresses the female hormone, estrogen, in men. They’ve taken the W(omanly) part, turned it way down (upside down), to become “M” !