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M/Tribex absorption

After taking M/Tribex in the morning, how long should I wait until I eat?

You don’t need to wait. According to Bill roberts, you can eat immediately afterward.

What about ZMA?

I take ZMA about 45 min after my last meal. (Right before bed)

When taking ZMA I usually take it about an hour before going to bed…which usually means about 45 minutes prior to my last meal of the day (which, as you can see, comes at about 15 mins before going to sleep).

Originally, it was suggested to take ZMA on an empty stomach right before bed but recently Bill Roberts posted that it could be taken with food before bed and would still work fine.

Michael, Biotest told me to wait 30 min before eating after the ZMA.

Taking ZMA with food should be fine before bed as long as the meal dose not contain a large amount of calcium. Calcium and magnesium both compete for absorption through the divalent cation transporter in the intestine. Therefore taking a lot of calcium and magnesium at the same time would most likely reduce the amount that both are absorbed. In addition, zinc is bound strongly by casein protein which may reduce its absorption. Calcium caseinate (in the form of a protein shake or cottage cheese) is popular to take before bed because of its time release effect. Therefore, this type of protein should probaly be taken at least 30 minutes after ZMA.