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M@thieu's Log


Hey, i'm new in the forum, my name is Mathieu, I do bodybuilding since three years approximately, like you have guess, i'm french, and I come here for different reason.

Firstly, I will see how you train because I think I can learn few new things, next, I'm come here to the actuality of profesionnal, because there have no much forum in France than talk about it.

Concerning my workout, actually, I try to take strengh at the bench :

Monday :

Bench press 5X5 or 5X4
Dumbell fly 3X12
Pullover 3X15

sometimes close grip bench press 3X6-8

dumbell curl 3X10

Tuesday : none

Wednesday :

Incline leg press 5-6X10-12
leg extension 4X20
leg curl 4X20
calves seated

Thursday :

Shoulders with convergent press 5X10 ( I know military press is best, but there has no place to do it in my gym).
Upright row : 4X8-10
Cable lateral raise : 4X20-25
Dumbell shrugs 4X20

Friday : none

Saturday :

Bench press 5X5 or 5X4
Pulldown 4X6-8
Cable seated neutral row : 3X6-8
one arm dumbell row or barbell row 3X10-12

Sunday : none