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M-sten Interactions?

Does anyone know of any interactions with msten besides alcohol? Like foods to avoid? Creatine? Otc sleep pills?

Sugar. Trans fats. Simple carbs that break down into sugar. Basically anything that causes additional stress to your liver.

  • stimulants (caffeine, amphetamines, cocaine, khat, ephedra, Arecoline, nicotine) blablabla, anything that increases catecholamine uptake, sensitivity sensitivity to catecholamines.

  • vasoconstricting medications say a-agonists, Desmopressin (amphetamines, stimulants etc)

  • Hepatotoxic drugs (niacin, alcohol etc)

  • nephrotoxic drugs (diuretics and whatnot)

Mate you really shouldn’t be using this drug, looking at you’re prior post you have no idea what you’re doing and you’re setting yourself up for serious long (or even acute) harm. There are numerous cases of liver/kidney failure, cholastasis, and jaundice from use of Methylstenbolone.

Structurally methylstenbolone is very similar to superdrol (dimethyldrostanolone), while this doesn’t mean much, as a very slight change in structure can dramatically alter a hormones toxicity, behaviour and anabolic/androgenic potency, know that dimethyldrostanolone is the c17AA methylated analogue of drostanolone (which is methylated in the 2nd carbon position, c2a DHT).

Then we have the original hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), Stenbolone is 1-DHT (dihydroboldenone), Boldenone is test with a double bond between C1-C2 of steroidal molecule. Dihydroboldenone is the 5a reduced version of Boldenone, stenbolone is dihydroboldenone with a methyl group in the c2a position. so the Boldenone version of Drostanolone. M-sten is the C17AA version of stenbolone.

Given that DHT and DHB are not similar in action (DHT has affinity for 3HSD and DHB doesn’t) BUT there is similarity between Sten and mast, one could come to the conclusion given the structural similarities the activity between sdrol and msten would be similar… and you’re probably right. Given anecdotes, M-sten appears to be very harsh (although not quite as harsh as SDROL).

Sdrol was one of those compounds known for giving people jaundice, lethargy, hypoglycaemia, TRASHED lipids (like 50 year old morbidly obese, type 2 diabetic who smokes two packs a day while drinking a keg of beer while eating some Kentucky fried chicken)… hmmmm kfc.,_), high blood pressure (like… hypertensive crisis level HBP for some) and whatnot.

Msten is not to joke around with, if you don’t know about the long term effects of AAS, especially regarding cardiovascular health then you need to stay far away from these drugs, they’re not toys and they ought to be respected

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