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M-sten and Alcohol

I start a cycle of methylstenbolone on the 25th. I understand it is liver toxic and will be taking a cycle support. On the fourth of July (10 days into the cycle) I have a party to go to. Would drinking that one day hurt me bad? What if I just skipped taking the pill that one day?

Alcohol is one of the more toxic and unforgiving recreational substances available to society with regard to comparing all licit and illicit substances on the market.

Acute endothelial dysfunction, hypotension, tachycardia, cardiac toxicity (direct and indirect mechanisms), hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, neurotoxicity (acetaldehyde at high concentrations causes apoptosis in a variety of different cells)

On msten (one of the more toxic orals) you’re already putting a fair amount of strain on you’re cardiovascular system.

If you require inebriation on cycle, is marijuana not an option? Assuming you don’t react badly to the drug and don’t have an underlying predisposition/familial history for psychosis or serious medical pathology regarding mental health, marijuana can still fuck you right up if you take enough (with regards to the level of inebriation you will acquire) without seriously deleterious effects in the cardiovascular system (although it does tend to raise diastolic BP and HR)

Sure, it may not give you the confidence boost or same level of decreased inhibition alcohol gives you, but I find at parties and events I can do just fine without having a drop of alcohol if I switch out booze for specialised lettuce.

I take dexamphetamine (prescribed) as needed to help with ADHD, it works wonders however the combination of anabolics (currently on 100mg test 200mg mast) and amphetamines (typically 5-10mg Dex/day) have caused me to be like noooooooooooppppe when it comes to alcoholic beverages. I’m going on holiday soon so will certainly indulge in some hedonistic behavior (and won’t be taking the stims as im not studying on holiday), thus I know where you’re coming from, however my intake of alcohol will be very, very limited (injecting 400mg mast prior to going away to average out what I’d get from 200mg/wk) thus drinking a lot with such an acutely elevated concentration of androgens in my system would be a bad idea

How badly do you want to find out? Msten is nasty, even for an oral. It’s next level harsh. Probably don’t want to take any chances.

Three weeks after using msten my ALT was 109, AST was 64. Skipping the pill that day will not do much good, though if you plan on drinking anyway then don’t take it.

how was lipids on msten? I can’t imagine they’d look great, even for someone with great genetics regarding cholesterol

I play the unpopular opinion roll.

I dont think drinking one day will make or break anything.

That doesn’t make it a good idea tho. Especially using this mentality. As humans we are experts in justifying, rationalizing, and minimizing. Your using all 3 of these in deciding to drink.

Instead why not use this as an opportunity to work on your self discipline and better yourself.

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208 total, 154/31. Out of range, but not too bad when considering how brutal that stuff is. Everything went back to normal by six weeks later.

I also take krill oil and coq10 om a daily basis. Should I continue this?

In light of only my first 2 comments I think I can swim and play cornhole drinking water. Lol. I’m 23 and healthy. Is there any other things I should stay away from? I take zzzquil at night but that’s the only other drug. Will I be ok if I don’t drink or anything or should I just not have ordered it because now I’m scared.

I assume you’re taking the msten solo

If you wish to continue the cycle, either start after July 4th or don’t drink on July 4th

Know the risks beforehand of what you’re getting yourself into, these are serious drugs that deserve to be treated with the utmost respect. Just because msten might be grey market or even OTC in some stores doesnt equate to safety.

DNP was sold as an OTC diet pill in the 1930s, heroin was also OTC for a little while

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It’s m-sten ans dmz in one pill.

What’s your pct?

I don’t know yet. My buddy does test and some other stuff but never heard of m-sten ge said he would find out for me. Any recommendations? I’m taking milk thistle and a multi supplement liver support for cycle support. One ingredient was inositol. What pct would you use? It’s 10mg m-sten and 10mg dmz.

Ooooooo, cancel the order of msten, I don’t think you’re aware of the risks use of AAS entails both acute and long term

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I’m going to agree with that. You should spend some time getting more familiar with the various substances and the side effects before going into this. Oral-only cycles are generally not endorsed, for a host of reasons. But those two together are a powerful combination and should not be for a novice.

Yes, the combination of methylstenbolone, dimethazine and alcohol should only be attempted by serious drinkers.