M removing breast buds (bodyfat)

I’m gonna start a cutting cycle (methoxy,MD6,and t-2) but I also some flab underneath my left and right pecs, I know for sure it aint gyno but i was wondering if M would help get rid of it (spot reduce) because it helps with prolactin levels. But the wierd thing is I’m pretty vascular as it is in my forearms and biceps and legs. Any comments or experience using m to lose bodyfat would help.

I’ve been on M for a while now and I’ve definitely seen a “body hardening” effect similar to what Methoxy-7 is supposed to produce. I’ve lost excess fat and seen my strength consistently increase (in fact, strength gains are remarkably consistent. It reminds me of working out 20+ years ago when I first started. I mean I’m upping my weights on almost every workout). My body is definitely tighter and my woman can’t say enough about it. M isn’t getting the hype that Mag-10 and Tribex enjoy but it’s a very effective supplement. In fact, it seems to be working better and better the longer I take it. Try it.

Hey blackjack,… how long have ya been on it? I’m cycling Mag10, but not using the M and Tribex ($ shortage!),… but would maybe consider adding it in when I cut up for summer (maybe with some MD6)