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M Question?

I don’t generally take many supplements,protein, a multi, and Red Bands are it. I was wondering if taking M would be good for me? Should I take an anti estrogen even though I don’t use steroids, or prohormones?

Since you’ll increase T levels by lowering estrogen, it only makes sense to use M in my opinion.

superpimp, M is a fabulous supp. Yes, it increases T levels. E and T have a relationship, and as E drops, the body says, “Uh-oh, low E means I need more T!”

There are the estrogens your body makes, but there are also xenoestrogens found in pesticides and hericides that exert estrogenic effects on the body. M in addition to helping raise T levels, supports the detoxification and removal of those carcinogenic xenoestrogens.

Bottom line, it’s good for T levels and health, both.