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M or Alpha Male?

so im about to come off my first two weeks ever beening on MAG-10 and i have to say i love the way it makes me feel, my libedo is back to how a 19 year olds libedo should be and im not depressed anymore, its great

i was just wondering is M or Alpha Male would help keep me feeling this way? or if its strict to MAG-10, i really dont know how they work, and if they both would work which do you guys reccomend? later boys


OK have to ask how you know you suffer from low test??

Have you actually been tested???

While MAG-10 may have given you that up feeling while on it It has the possibility of actually suppressing your T-Production. So this is why it is recomended that yes you use Alpha Male after it. This will boost your natural T levels. returning you to normal and above previous production.

So yes take Alpha Male IMO. and if you actually were supressed before hand then it should help and you will feel a difference.

Oh and I suggest that you start informing yourself on supplements, ALL of them and any of them before starting to take them. You should be aware of what you are putting in you and the possible good and bad effects.

AH 1 more thing. Are you talking MAG-10 or MAG-10 Avenger?? The Avenger is a herbal T-Booster much like Alpha Male.

Hope something in there helps,


Age? Pre existing t levels, free and total?

Definitely go with Alpha Male.

nowhere did i state i suffered form low t levels, i just normally have no libedo and dont respond to antidepressants, in fact they cause me to become more depressed, so since i started the MAG-10 (destroyer not avenger) ive felt great and back to normal

you are right, i should of done a little more research on how it works but thats why im asking your guys advice on Alpha Male and M so i can find out how they work and which one you think i should take

im sorry but i dont know my t levels but if you want anymore more information from me let me know, and my age is 19