M&M's Training Journal

Hi and Welcome!

I have the same problem training in the mornings. I once puked after and arms and shoulders workout first thing in the morning then felt like crap for the first half of my work day. That banana and yogurt didn’t sit well at all. If I did the same workout in the evening I’d be fine. Fortunately I don’t have to train in the mornings, so I never really solved that problem.

Good luck finding something that works for you.

Thanks for the warm welcomes. I still haven’t found the magic food that doesn’t make me feel like shit in the morning, but I have discovered that protein shakes and coffee make it worse. Although taking a womens multivitamin seems to help a little bit. I’m not totally sure why… m2 is still out of town and says that she’s been running and practicing the leg workout we did together at the beginning of this log.

I biked for 30 min 2 days ago and burned 425 calories in that amount of time. Afterward I foam rolled and did three sets of 10 ab wheel rollouts from my knees supersetted with a minute of plank. The next day my abs were sore! I feel like such an exercise lightweight at this point. The smallest thing has me hobbling for days. Yesterday I did the whole upperbody strength day minus the max set of bench press as I didn’t have anyone I trusted to spot me. Here’s what I did do:

Incline db bench: 25x10, 25 x10, 27.5x10, 27.5x8

Seated cable row: 50x15, 70x15, 70x15,70x15 going to up the weight and dropp the reps next week.

Bent-over db rear delt flies: 7.5x15, 7.5x15, 7.5x15

My abs were already sore at this point so i cut back on the ab section of the workout and only ended up doing three sets of decline crunches on the first knotch supersetted with hanging leg raises for 15 reps each. It hurts to laugh today.

And for the kicker: last night i went out with… We’ll call them “bad influences”, drank way too much, ended up throwing up in a stream that i somehow managed to climb into a tree that was hanging over it. I then tried to pass out in the brush by the stream, decided it was very cold, made my way home, and didn’t move until 12 this afternoon. A couple hours later i went to collect my car i’d wisely decided i shouldn’t drive at some point last night and headed over to the gym with daydreams of doing some light cardio before indulging in the 40 person hottub my gym happens to have. As it turned out, I had one of my best runs yet after 15 minutes of medium effort on the stationary bike and completed a mile in less than 7min30sec. Right now i feel awesome. Unfortuntaly the. Hottub was closed because of lightening, so I’m off to take a shower and make spagetti.

it amazes the hell out of me how i often have the best training session when i’m hungover. well… i’m not often hungover, but sure you get what i mean… not sure what it is… maybe (in my case anyway) it is all the water i skull back when i’m training.

um… ab wheel rollouts are not easy or trivial. not in my book anyway…

I haven’t posted here yet, so welcome. Everytime I see your log name I start craving chocolate-covered peanuts. Funny, that.

Anyway, just for the record, I don’t eat before morning training, ever. If I do, you can guarantee I’ll be seeing it again. A while back I ran a 5K (which started at 10am) and I decided it would be prudent to have a protein shake at 7am. Big mistake! That fucker sat in my throat for the entire run. I must be a super-slow digester or something - you may be in the same boat.

I do long runs on an empty stomach (even my first half marathon earlier this month), gym sessions, 90 minute gymnastic classes - you name it. If I have glutamine kicking around, I’ll have some of that in some warm water first thing, otherwise I’ll just have a couple of mugs of strong tea (with a splash of skimmed milk) and that’s it. I don’t find I lack for energy.

Protein digests much slower than carbs so you may not want to reach for a protein shake before training. Try lowering the amount of protein pre-workout.
I hope you find what works for you.

Anywho, that’s an awesome mile time.

Cal jones- ah ha! My plan is working (make people forget about their diets so i feel better about not having one). I don’t think i could train first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. When i get hungry, it literally hurts and is very distracting while training. It’s actually worse than if i were to just throw up in the middle of the session.

Alexus- i’ve noticed that the hung- over training often goes better than expected as well, which is always kind of dangerous because then you (or at least I) start thinking that it will always be okay and start not being as careful about it. Usually I only have one or two drinks per day, tops, if even that. I’ve also noticed that working out after having one drink much earlier in the day is a no-go. Lol. This makes me sound like such an alcoholic. I swear I’m not.

Nikki- I’m thinking about trying cocoa puffs next time. I’ll let you know how it goes :smiley:

Day off. Here’s to a little inspiration:


Welcome! I’ve been struggling with what to eat (or not eat) before my AM runs, so I’ll be interested in hearing about your experiments.

That’s tough that your stomach doesn’t want to handle protein first thing. Everybody’s a little different, right. Nikki has it there. You just have to find what you can tolerate. Maybe egg whites? I keep boiled eggs in the fridge all the time.

I saw your ab roll-outs. I’ve been doing something similar on the TRX.

Cocoa puffs work for me!
And Frosted Flakes lol
Those are actually my two favorite cereals.

So it turns out M2 and I are going to be working out after five pm most days, so I wont get a chance to test the morning workout food for quite a while.

I felt so much better working out today it’s not even comparable to the last legs day. I was recovering cardiovascularly less than ten seconds after most sets, I left stronger between and during most of them, and it was basically awesome.

Front squats- trying to work up to one max set of 3-5. However, M2 is still struggling with form so i had her do 5 sets of 8@ 40lbs.
M1: 65x5, 85x5, 95x5, 105x2 (fail on 3rd), 105x3(yay!!!) I figured out that I’m releasing my core at the bottom of the lift. Better form is going to be responsible for increased reps and weight next time I do this workout. Just you wait.

Speed skater squats:
m1: 3 sets of 14 reps per leg. I was so swol after! Going for 15 reps next week.
M2:3 sets of 12 reps and this time she didn’t split up the last set or fall over while high-fiving me afterwards. So awesome.

Cable pull-throughs:
M1: 80x12, 90x12, 100x12, 100x12 M2 said I wasnt going all the way to paralell :frowning: Need to work on that. On the plus side, I was really focusing on my hammies and ass.
M2: 60x12repsx4sets After the first set she complained about cramping in her lower back. I told her to focus on holding her core tight and her scapula back and down. She said all the other sets felt much better. This is probably also what’s going wrong with the front squat. We both need to work on this next time.

Farmer walk:
M1: made it all the way around track first time with 25lb dbs, second time 3/4ths of the way before stopping, 3rd time three fourths of the way again.
M2: made it all three times with the 20s. Had breaks the third time.

There will be much foam rolling tomorrow.

M1: 14 incline on treadmill completed 1.9 miles in 30 min with interval training. Went fast walk for 2 min followed by a minute of jogging. This workout didn’t feel any easier than the last time I tried it. The incline is so much harder than it looks on paper.

nice training. glad to hear you can train in the evening since that seems to work better for you.

i didn’t know protein digested slower than carbs. that will be why i can’t stomach a protein shake before training.

[quote]alexus wrote:
nice training. glad to hear you can train in the evening since that seems to work better for you.

i didn’t know protein digested slower than carbs. that will be why i can’t stomach a protein shake before training.[/quote]

much slower. it’s why you want to usually mix carbs with protein. Carbs are fast digesting which alone causes it to be stored to fat but slowed down enough and your metabolism uses most of it right away.

So I’m not totally sure but I think I found the solution to the morning food thing: hash browns. I’m not a big fan of sugary stuff; whether for desert or any other time. I can’t even normally eat a regularsized piece of cake on my birtrhday. But oh my god do I love fat! I just finished a huge plate of homemade hash browns and my stomach was so happy I think I could have worked out without one problem.

Then I had some egg whites and felt a little sick. Luckily it’s my day off, but at least I found something that might work.

You’re a mutant! I love the carbs. Unfortunately they don’t love me. Eating a protein/fat diet is generally a lot better for body comp than a low fat, high carb diet. (Not that hash browns aren’t carbs, but you get my drift).

@Alexus - whey digests pretty fast. Casein blends (like Metabolic Drive) hang around in the stomach a lot longer. Which is why some people love them and I hate them.

Interesting log. i like it, 2 girls with a cool program.


Sounds like you are trying to change it… but you party fucking hard-core! Puking in streams is serious. Not to mention drunk tree climbing!

Good luck with the training M1 and M2!

[quote]veggiestrong wrote:
Interesting log. i like it, 2 girls with a cool program.


Sounds like you are trying to change it… but you party fucking hard-core! Puking in streams is serious. Not to mention drunk tree climbing!

Good luck with the training M1 and M2![/quote]

The problem is the price of drinks in the town I live and the lack of anything better to do after 7pm. You can literally kill yourself for $10 in this town. The first time I paid a bar tab here I asked the bartender if he’d accidently charged me for half of a drink (and I’d ordered two). Last night they were charging $1 for a PINT of any microbrew in the bar. My dad, who rarely drinks more than half of a normal drink, bought two and passed out like a rock. Lol.

However, the need to drive and workout generally limit me to two or less when I do go out.

Edit: lol. Even M2 who is one of the most hardcore Christians you’ll meet, broke her one drink rule while we were watching Big Bang Theory tonight and downed half a bottle of wine. It’s funny to me because I’ve gone out of my way to respect her desire to stay sober and have even prevented other people from putting pressure on her. Then she goes and puts a little pressure on me tonight…

M1 and M2 remind me of bananas in pajamas…ooh nvm.

your moving some serious weight! :slight_smile:

Thanks MominMD. I’ve never considered myself to be that strong, even when I was lifting my best numbers.

Today’s workout was kind of sucky. It was in the morning again and M2 and I concluded that we need to eat more food because our numbers fell on some of the lifts and it’s only been a week into the program. I’m really terrible about eatting regularly throughout the day. The problem is, neither of us look really out of shape to the average person, infact most people seem to think we look pretty good. So until we step into the gym there’s little motivation to change our eatting patterns. This fucked us over today.

A. Regular pushups 3 sets of max reps with 60 seconds between sets
M1: 23(got 25 this set last week), 10(got 9 last week), 5(got 4 last week) so overal, same total volume but broken up differently between the sets :confused:
M2: 20/20//20 on her knees again but she wasn’t cheating this time! yay M2! next week I’m going to have her to full pushups

B. Decline dumbbel skull crushers 4 sets x6-10 reps
M1: 15lbs 7+3assist/ 8+1 assist/ 8+1 barely assist (she said she barely touched it)
M2: 10lbsx 10/10/10 w/assist after the first six or seven. Right arm was really crapping out.

C. Chinups with assistance
M1: 70lbsx 12/8/9/8 (improvement of 2-5 reps on every set!)
M2: 90lbsx 4.5/ 100lbsx4.5/ 115lbsx7/ 115lbsx5 (a drastic fall from last weeks numbers :(. )

D. DB shoulder press 3x10-15
M1: 15lbsx 15/ 17.5x12/17.5x10
M2: 12.5x10, 15x10 (got a knot in her shoulder during this set. It literally just felt like a big balled up mucle so I had her stop since it wasn’t relaxing and falling back into place)

E. Preacher curls
M1: 15lbs 9rep/9rep/8rep
M2: 12.5lbs 12rep/12rep/4 rep with sudden weird elbow fail (I did the first thing my first set).

Ab circuit:
Did 15 rep decline situp on second knotch+hanging leg raise with weight between knees+30 second plank with 60 second rest between three rounds each.
M1: used 25lbs between knees
M2 15 lbs

So in retrospect, I probably need to do more activation exercises before the pushups and M2 needs to eat more.