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M-J's Training Log

I’m 37 years old. Weigh 91kg (200lbs) at 5’10.

My best lifts so far are
Squat 180kg x 11, 200kg x 7 and 230kg x 1
Low handle trap bar deadlift. 242kg x 3 and 232kg x 7
Bench press 130kg x 1

I haven’t ever actually trained for a one rep max. Nearly all my training is over 5 reps.

My bench press has always been pretty poor, but is slowly getting better.

Lifts are slightly down after lockdown.

I normally lift weights 4 times a week, do yoga 20 minutes a day and cardio a few times a week.
Tuesday 23-6-20

Low handle trap bar deadlift
212kg x 5

Leg press (350 method)
230kg 25 - 18 - 12

Glute ham raise
3 x 10

20 minutes of yoga

20 minutes of yoga

Jump rope
1 minute with 1 minute rest x 10.

Thursday 24-6-20

Bench press
100kg x 10
90kg 4 x 8

5kg x 23-15-12 (350 method)

DB row
35kg x 10
40kg x 20

T bar row
4 x 10

30-16-12 (350 method)

Bike intervals
30 seconds all out
30 seconds rest
x 10

Heatwave here at the moment. In a warehouse gym without air conditioning which made it tough.

20 minutes of yoga in the evening.

I’ve failed to keep this updated!

Training has been going well since lockdown. It took a while to build strength back, and I have an ongoing niggle in my lower back which is restricting me a bit.
I recently squatted 180kg (400lbs) x 10 and 200kg (440lbs) x 5. Not my best, but not a million miles off.
I’ve dropped any kind of deadlift from the floor from my training. For my lower body days it’s mainly squats, RDL, GHR and reverse hyper.

Benched 110kg x 10 (242lbs). My bench has always been bad, but it puts my max at around 146kg (320lbs).

I’ve kept up with the yoga most days, and do some cardio/conditioning 4 times a week (hill sprints, running, jump rope, prower, indoor cycling).

I’ll try and keep this updated from now on.