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M is here

I called Biotest Customer Support, and even though it wasn’t on their web page, it is available now!!!

Is there going to be an article on “M” this friday? I have a lot of questions about it. For example, Why do you take it on an empty stomach?

bump this up. I would like to know more about M

Here’s some info from when it was being tested. This is Tim writing this in BTS:

"So far, from our early evaluations of the formula, we’ve been
utterly blown away. M contains Vitex agnus-castus and three
other ingredients that together, block estrogen cold! From
three different angles, no less. I’m serious! M is not like
anything you’ve ever tried before. Studies show that each of
the ingredients is on par with an honest-to-goodness
anti-estrogen drug! And we’ve got four of these E
scavengers in M.

                      When I first assigned the task to one of our research teams
                      of finding a formulation that truly blocks estrogen, I believed
                      it would be possible, but I wasn't expecting something that'd
                      be as powerful as M. But they did it — big time!

                      M is serious stuff, designed for guys who want to take
                      absolute control over their endocrine systems to create the
                      perfect anabolic environment. An anabolic utopia, if you will
                      — a state of Anabolic Anarchy!

                      Think about it… From time to time, haven't you wondered if
                      not being able to control estrogen was limiting your ability to
                      get lean and pack on some serious muscle? Well, you don't
                      have to be uncertain anymore. M is your insurance against
                      the negative effects of elevated E.

                      I don't want to mislead you into thinking M is an end-all,
                      be-all panacea, because it's not. It is, however, a very big
                      piece of the anabolic puzzle. Reaching your physique goals
                      requires a multifactorial approach. In other words, there's
                      never just one thing that's responsible for your success (or
                      failure). Your success is directly linked to your ability to get
                      the big picture right, which is made up of several different
                      elements. And M is one of those elements."