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M & F and Flex Always Late


Anybody here get these magazines? I have a subscription to both, and they are late like clockwork.

I haven't gotten Muscle & Fitness in the mail for two months and I just got the last 3 issues within the last week. And, I haven't gotten a FLEX for 3 months.

What is the deal?!


Haven't bought a Muscle and Fiction since HS, same goes for Flex :stuck_out_tongue:


The magazines are garbage anyways.


Why the hell would anyone order that shit? By being late they are doing you a favor. Cancell that shit and learn something here.



Oh, admit it - you read them both. Let's face it - it's better than reading your wife's Self mag when your squating on the pot.


You need to call customer service and demand that your subscription be extended the number of issues you missed, or that you receive a full refund for not getting the magazines.

Personally I'd go with the latter since I can't stand to read those advertorials anymore.


My December issue was late. By the time I opened it up and started scanning, it was too late to use the free Spike coupon from GNC. :frowning:

And I wanted to see what it was like for my head to get blown off too. shame.

When my three year subscription is up, I doubt I will resubscribe (unless I get the same deal...3 yrs for about 10 bucks)


Can you guys recommend any good mags to read while on the can? Unfortunately I can't bring my PC into the bathroom.


It's not that I missed the issues. They sent me every one to date. But they send me them in groups. In February, I got the January, February, and March issues.


I've heard these mags get ripped apart on this site for a long time and don't think that it is totally justified.

There is a lot of useful information (specifically from accomplished bodybuilders themselves) that can be very beneficial to beginners who are clueless and have no one to show them the ropes.

True, there is alot of b.s. programs and advertisements, but even as a newbie I could see through it all.

The most helpful information I received was the articles on nutrition - something most beginners know nothing about or neglect all together. I don't subscribe to them anymore because most of the info seems to be recycled after a while but still will pick one up once in a while for motivation.

I had the same problem with the delivery process though where I didn't receive a mag for a few months and then receive three all within a week.


Men's Health, Men's Journal stuff along those lines that aren't BB mags. Hell, Shape magazine is better than Myth and Fiction or MD, etc.


get a laptop.

And playboy, hustler, hot leggy vix....Oh, I misinterpreted your use. grin


I like my wife's Oxygen mags. The women are hot for the most part.


I cancelled your subscription. Waste of fuckin time to read 'em and you know it. :wink: