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M-Drol PCT Help Needed

I know M-Drol is not a steroid but I am new to this and would really appreciate all your help and opinions.

I will be starting a cycle of M-Drol soon and am not really sure what all I need to be taking for a PCT. As of right now, I am planning on taking PowerLabs PCT formula for the Test Booster and Anabolic Innovations Life Support for liver support.

I need to have a estrogen blocker also right? Suggestions for that? I’ve heard Nolvadex is the way to go but not real sure where to get it…

Am I leaving anything major out or am I on the right track? I want to make sure I am doing this 100% correct so I keep as much of the gains as possible with no bitch tits, etc.

Thanks in advance!

M-drol is a steroid.

If I’m not misinformed, it is similar to the original Superdrol, which many have reported very nasty side effects from.

The thought of brown piss and feeling like warmed over shit to gain a couple pounds never appealed to me, so I haven’t used any of these designer steroids, as they’re called.

If you insist on going this route, I’d be sure to use a proper PCT with REAL nolvadex (not novedex or any OTC bastardization).

Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

M-drol is Superdrol and consequently an oral steroid. What is your proposed duration and dosage? You need a SERM, nothing OTC ie 60x0 or any saw dust laden herbal test booster. I wouldn’t worry about jaundice unless your going to get stupid with your dosage. I’ve seen it happen first hand. Post your stats.

Take a SERM. Don’t bother with any sort of OTC PCT.

To reply to the posts so far, I am 25, 6’0", and 186 lbs. I am planning on doing a 4 week cycle of M-Drol with the recommended 1 capsule/day for the first week and possibly moving up to 2 caps/day for the other 3 weeks

I have a few more questions:

1)Why is M-Drol so cheap?
2)If I take Nolvadex along with the Life Support and PowerLab’s PCT I mentioned earlier, do have everything I covered that I need?
3)In searches I am seeing Nolvadex sold in 10 and 20mg tablets. Is this the proper Nolvadex?
4)Where is a reputable place to buy Nolvadex online? I obviously do not want to get scammed.
5)Should I take the Life support while I am taking the M-Drol or do I not need to start taking it until after the M-Drol cycle with the Nolvadex?

Sorry for all the newbie(stupid?)questions but I am committed to doing this the right way. Thanks

No one will tell you a source through the forum. M-drol is cheap but its the real deal. Im not sure if I saw it but CEL actually tested it for purity and its basically is Superdrol with another label. My first dosage was 10,20,30 per day for 3 weeks. My second bout was 20,30,40,40 per day for 4 weeks. I recommend the first cycle. You need some sort of liver aid supplement. My nolva came in 10mg tabs.

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What I would do for PCT would be 40,30,20,10 Nolva, a good tribulus product, Liv52, and 60x0 for shits and grins. I have no experience with the supps you just named.

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