M-Drol/Havoc Stack

Was just having a ponder today about (relatively) low cost, low duration PH cycles. I have run a 4 week havoc cycle before and the gains I made (and kept) were very satisfying. I am however curious about the idea of a type 1/type 2 synergy and combining this with the low cost/low duration idea.

I was considering a 4 week (or 30 day perhaps) cycle of:
Havoc: 30mg
M-Drol: 10mg

Standard Nolva PCT of 40/40/20/20

I am aware of the methyl issue thus liver/health support supps would be:
CEL Cycle Assist - ran for the 4 weeks of cycle
Perfect Cycle Liver Support - for the 4 weeks of nolvadex PCT + 1 extra week before the whole cycle and another week after the nolvadex.

Some TRIBEX and ZMA will also be thrown in during the latter half and after PCT to aid hormonal recovery.

Would love to know what Westlock and others would have to say on this.

I’m not planning on running this any time soon - was just having a ponder!