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M-drol for First Time User?



I've bought some M-drol and researching PCT before starting it.

I bought M-drol by mistake and a lot of people say a first time user should use H-drol first.

Would M-drol be ok as a first time user if I just take 10mg all the way through the cycle?

Also if that would be ok what time of the day would I take 1 pill as if a person takes 20mg they say 6-8 hours apart but that cant be done with 1 pill lol

During cycle I was thinking...

m-drol 10mg a day for 3 weeks
celery seed
milk thistle
Saw palmetto


Novedex XT
celery seed
milk thistle
Saw palmetto

I can get hold of novla if needed but hoping at such low levels for the 3 weeks the above will be good enough?

Thanks in advance!



I'm not sure what 10mg would do. I have taken M-drol..in fact the same as you if it is CEL (?) labs. Don't expect support supps like milk thistle to really prevent liver stress over the course of the cycle..m-drol is pretty harsh stuff.

I don't remember my exact dosage( most likely 10mg first week and then 20mg after), as it was over a year ago. But, it was effective and it was higher than 10mg. I believe I noticed it at 20mg which was into the second week. Strength gains mainly, but at the time I was training powerlifting and eating whatever I wanted.

Definitely get the nolva. No matter what. IMO novedex XT sucks...especially for PCT. I personally didn't feel like I was shutdown, but I'm sure I was and the nolvadex helped a lot. I kept everything, until I went on a ridiculous cut to get down to 165 from 181..and I lost a ton of strength at that point.

-Drink a shitload of water..at the very least a gallon a day. If I didn't constantly drink water, my piss would be dark yellow.




WTF is this 2008?

GTFO with Novedex XT.

Read the damn stickied threads before you make a post.

And youre in england for fucks sake. Its legal to use steroids. Why on earth would you fuck around with superdrol if you can use safer stuff?


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Celery seed?? WTF?


And wtf is up with everyone and milk thistle. Thats old and proven useless. NAC/ALA is what we need for orals.


Lol... flashback.


M-Drol at 20mg ED is a great stand-alone cycle. I don't have sides unless gaining alot of size and strength are sides. The Novedex XT is BS though. Really. Have Nolva ready to go and do your research. I know you think you've already done that but...no.
Also, you sound scared. Don't be. Get some updated liver supps and actual PCT then get big.


Why bump this thread? it should have died when it did