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M-Drol Cycle - First Cycle - Looking to Do it Right


Hello, I am about to start my first cycle I've done a bit of research and am looking for a little personal guidance by someone educated with M-Drol.

First I am 28 years old. 6'2" 175 Pounds - 7-9% Body Fat

Here is what I am looking at.

Week 1 M-Drol 10 mg, P-Plex 10 mg day.
Week 2 M-Drol 10 mg, P-Plex 10 mg day.
Week 3 M-drol 20 mg, P-Plex 10 mg day.
Week 4 M-drol 20 mg, P-Plex 10 mg day.

PCT - (Cycle Assist) Which includes : N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Pantothenic Acid, Hawthorn Berry Extract, Vitamin B-6, Saw Palmetto Extrac, Celery Seed Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Policosanol, Zinc Gluconate.

Tamoxifen Citrate(Nolva) 40 MG Week for 4 Weeks.

I am looking for some personal guidance here and would appreciate communicating through PM's with an Educated person.




I would run the Mdrol at 20mg all the way through, that is the standard dose, no need to taper, there is no point.

NOW: heres the deal, you very first cycle you can just run one drug and see pretty much the same results as stacking.

In other words superdrol at 20mg is going to give you about the same thing as stacking that 20mg with the P-plex.

But that is certainly up to you, you will see better results with the stack, how much better those results would be over just the superdrol is hard to say.

Hormones are "signals" your body can only synthesis so much muscle in 4 weeks no matter what you tell it to do, so sometimes taking more drugs doesnt help as growth is simply limited by the body's limitations.

If you intend to stack:

I would run the p-plex higher as well, 10mg is a pretty low dose for that substance.

For the actual drug, madol, 10mg is an effective dose, unfortunantly the PH's have some purity issues as the compound is somewhat difficult to synthesis.

30mg is the normal dose with the PH's, so I would run atleast 20mg/day

Truthfully, if you running 4 weeks.

Just run the superdrol at 20 and the PP at 30.

4 weeks isnt long enough to hurt your liver at those doses.

You PCT is a problem, the ONLY real problem I see.

You NEED to taper down the nolva, coming off suddenly from 40mg is a very bad plan.

Standard PCT protocol with nolva is 40/40/20/20

The last two weeks are at 20mg/day.

You HAVE to taper the nolva, or your going to get some nasty estrogen problems CAUSED mainly by the nolva.


A few things...

You are running two methylated compounds - not advised, especialy for first cycle. One of these (m-drol) is a dimethyl and will be extra harsh on the liver. Granted the doses are fairly low and the cycle is short but you would be safer running just one of these compounds for your first cycle.

The class 1 and class 2 synergy is good - however solo would be a safer idea for first cycle.

Cycle assist is run throughout cycle, not pct. It can be ran through pct as well (for liver protection against the tamoxifen) however for pct it will save you money to switch to a cheaper milk thistle only product.

As for the nolva - run it at 40mg for two weeks and then taper off to 20mg for a further two weeks.

IMO m-drol is a bit harsh for a first cycle but it is possible and is quite a potent PH I am told.

Pheraplex solo, havoc solo (30-40mg ED for 4 weeks), hdrol solo (75-100mg ED for 6 weeks) would be better options from what I have read and been told by other guys here.


Thanks for the info guys, I think I'm going to take your suggestion and run H-Drol solo for my first cycle and see how things go.


Why not just eat a few steaks per week? You don't even need PCT for that.

6'2 175. Give me a break


I know you want to "hit the sauce" right now and most likely nothing will stop you. But, at 6'2 175 you must look malnourished. At that height even for a smaller boned person I would like to see you closer to 190 at least before you used any hormonal related compounds.

At your level you won't need any help with protein synthesis and you won't have to worry about much fat gain if any. Just up your calories and protein to a higher level (maybe try for 250 grams a day) for a couple months you could get there and then start the cycle.

Honest to god when you start eating right you will feel like you are "on" with the strength gains you will make.


Understood, Thanks for the feedback.

I get what you're saying I've actually gained about 20 pounds in the last 4 months. I'm still a bit thin for my height and have been eating a lot more food.

This is why I'm here asking for feedback.


That is great progress, sounds like you are on the right track. I was just like you, actually. A bit shorter, a bit lighter.

I don't like how we put a number on what weight/height is proper for starting to use anabolics.
It can be different for many people.

My thought is this. Use them when you have tried increasing calories from clean sources and still manage to gain fat rather than muscle. You have to have everything including training dialed in as best as you can.

It really could be the case that 175 6'2 is that point for you. If so, have at it. For me that point was about 190-195 and I am 5'10. Although I did mess around with PHs when I was lighter but never was able to retain the gains because I didn't have a proper understanding of nutrition.


There's definitely some truth to what you say about weight. It's a bit of a stretch to make across the board determinations without seeing photos.

Granted, 90% of the time a person that's being told he isn't ready simply hasn't learned to eat properly, thus he's going to lose gains within months of coming off his cycle, but there are big-time ectomorphs (like me haha, with wrists well under 7") that inevitably start slowing down weight-wise a little sooner than others, regardless of how ripped they look.


I would say I do fit into this category.... lol I do have fairly small wrists for my size. I would say I look pretty much like I should be naturally around 180 pounds.

Again thanks for the feedback guys! As far as nutrition goes I think I have been looking pretty good lately in this department consuming between 3500-4000 calories a day. With about 1200-1500 from supplements.


I see no real problem with him playing around with a few weeks of prohormones with a proper PCT.

4 weeks of androgens at 20-50 mg/day isnt going to cause very serious shutdown, and combined with a SERM PCT should have very little effect on the HPTA in the long run.

Hes 28, hes a fine candidate for hormone usage, even if he is a bit "below potential".

Sure he could continue to make nice gains with just food, and its important for him to acquire good eating habits so he can actually keep making gains and keep the gains he gets, but at his age he is certainly going to gain faster with hormones.

An 18 year old can just gobble steak and peanut butter and make almost the same gains he could using Prohormones. But this guy doesn't have the metabolism or the testosterone production of a youthful teen anymore.

Certainly the correct recommendation is to have him wait and gain some weight before considering anabolics, but honestly if I were him Id sure as hell be on whatever I could get my hands on.


Make it a double. Jumpin' Jesus. A solid bulking phase will help you put on some size without doing a potentially dangerous waltz with SD. No SERM needed for that either.